Brands of cell phones for first time user

Hi, I’m shopping for my first smartphone from a flip top. I think I will go with Consumer Cellular, they have phones at Target that fits my budget. I can only go up to $250 for phone.
As you know we need word recognition and I want the speech texting, GP for starters and some come with Bluetooth to which I don’t know anything about that yet.

Any opinions I have 70% word recognition on right ear and 12% in left ear, lost high frequency.

Thanks everyone.

If you’re going with Consumer Cellular, you can get an iPhone 6S for $200 that should work great with any Made for iPhone hearing aid. It’s not “modern looking,” but should be quite an upgrade from a flipphone.


Moto G6 from Google Fi. It’s $99 and the service is $20 per month plus $10 per Gig of data. You only pay for the data you use so if you are on wifi all the time your bill will be low.!/newHome

Check to see if you are eligible for a free plan from Safelink. If you are eligible you can transfer the SIM they give you to a smart phone and have free service. I use an older Iphone 5 with a Safelink SIM to control my Rexton HA’s.

I’ll check it out. iPhone 6S is Apple right? Don’t care on the looks. Thank you.

I’ll check the site, thank you.

I was always an Android user, and always had issues with my aids connectivity, my sister gave me her old iPhone 5s and I set it up to work with my aids and I have never looked back. I am not a heavy internet person but I do love the fact it works great with my hearing aids. I have now updated to the iPhone 7.

I would also recommend an iPhone as it will work the best with all the Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids, and that includes most of them now. I use an iPhone 7, and if there is a limitation it is the battery life. When I don’t use the iPhone as a phone, battery life is down to about 50% by the time I go to bed, and put the phone in the charger. However if I use the phone as a phone, it seems to be pretty hard on the battery. I don’t know how people survive that are talking on the phone all day. I presume they must recharge during the day, or have a phone with a much larger battery. I find this Cell Phone Comparison site helpful in comparing phones. You may want to pay attention to the talk time rating of each if you plan to use it as a phone. Also if you plan to store pics and music, the memory becomes important too.

Another thing you should consider especially if looking at used iPhones (repair shops may have them to sell), or hand me downs, is that the latest iOS 13 operating system which is to be released soon will not support phones older than the 6S. See this link for a list of phones that will be supported.


Yes, iPhone 6S is Apple. Getting it through Consumer Cellular they should definitely be able to help you troubleshoot any issues you might have.

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Keep in mind that the real cost of a cell phone is the cost of the plan. I started out by using a hand me down phone with no cellular connection, and just used the phone as a remote from my hearing aids. Now, I have stepped up a touch to a minimal plan with limited talk time and data. It works fine for my purposes.

Hum, not sure I would like the decreased battery life, thank you.

How old is the battery in the iPhone? iPhones are known to have decreased battery life with age. (All batteries are, but it was more of an issue with iPhones because they decreased phone performance to try to maintain battery life) You might benefit from a new battery.

I can’t find on any specs if Apple has the talk to text option. I think most phones do? I like this feature to talk into the phone and it comes out in text form on the other end.

No clue, but we have lots of Apple users so I’m guessing one will chime in soon.

Will wait for the chimes. Ha!

The original iPhone battery capacity was down to 81% based on the Apple rating. I replaced it with an after market battery. It went to 100% for a while, but it did not seem to last much if any longer, and then it went really bad. I put the original battery back in.

I think the iPhone 6 Plus has a larger battery, but there are probably others with the large battery size.

No idea on the talk to text. Have not tried to do it with my iPhone 7. This link says iPhone 6S and newer can do it.

Thanks for the link, that explains it and I’m looking for iPhone 6S because it’s cheaper than 7 for my budget. I don’t need bells and whistles.

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@cjpines Yes Apple does have “Voice to text” on iPhones, well it does on my 8. You can also get free apps from the App Store called AVA or OTTER that do a similar thing for you.

I’m not quite sure what you are asking? Talk to text … as in dictation? Or talk to text as in talking over the phone and it coming in as text on the receiving end? Apple does support dictating as in creating an email, or a text document. But if you mean talking to someone else’s phone and transcribing it to text on the other end, NO. I don’t know of anyone doing that, other than calling an 800 number for text relay.