Brand new to hearing aids. Tips?


Just got a hearing aid today (one ear) and wow, what a difference! I’ve been able to reduce the volume on my Echo by 3 sound levels. I can actually hear the cats trill. So, what tips do you wish you had been given when you first got a hearing aid?

As to where I got my hearing aid, I bought it from Miracle Ear. It’s from the Genius 3.0 line, but not the top of the line. Feels like there is nothing there, but as mentioned, I hear great!
I do understand that Costco is uber popular and I DID want to get my hearing aids from them. However, the customer service at my local Costco was just not there. I struggled to get answers to what I think should be simple questions. The staff seems to have a high turnover - nobody has been there more than 2 years. Appointments even for adjustments were expected to be 2 weeks out. My neighbor who got his hearing aid from that store 2 years ago says this is common with them. I would have bought their new premium hearing aid but couldn’t find out if it would even work for me (I need a high oxygen ear piece). Frustrating that ONE hearing aid with insurance discount cost as much as the pair from Costco, but there it is. I need some service because of my chronic ear problems and increasing tinnitus, but it just wasn’t going to be.


Really sorry to hear about your experience with Costco. My store in SW Ohio is busy, but the personnel are great. They have added a third HAS to service their clients and are planning to add a third sound booth. Business is booming. It takes me a couple of weeks to get in for an appointment, but Costco has some huge advantages beyond the initial price. I get free yearly testing, free adjustments, a 180 day return policy, three year warranty, and free wax guards. Hard to beat.

Glad to hear the one you bought is working so well for you. Best advice I can offer is to be patient. It will take your brain a while to get used to processing sounds you have not heard in a long time. It can get challenging in crowds where there is lots of noise. I remember when I got my AIDS. I suddenly heard the squeeking of my shoes on the floor and my keys rattling in the ignition. First time I was driving and it started to rain, the rain drops hitting the roof of my car drove me crazy. Now, I am used to the extra noises and my brain just puts them on disregard.

Another thing I would advise is to buy a drier and park your HA in it every night. Costco has a good one for $40. It will cut down on moisture corroding the battery terminals. Also, try not to forget and wear your HA when you climb into the shower. If you belong to a Costco and it is nearby, they have the best price on batteries.


Mike, thanks for your comments. Yes, it seems to be a local store issue - maybe that will improve. Since I don’t have a Cosco membership (would have, but didn’t get hearing aids, so passed on it). Are there best brands for the hearing aid drier?


Here is a thread on driers, there are many choices. I got one from Costco as well. Sorry about your bad experience, mine was excellent after three bad service issues with different audiologists,


I cannot comment on a best brand as the only experience I have is with the one I bought from Costco. Mine has a UV light and a small blower. So, at night, when I am ready for bed, I merely drop the AIDS in, close the lid and press the button. I think it runs for thirty or sixty minutes depending upon whether you press the button once or twice. Mine looks just like the Quest PerfectDry Lux sold on Amazon for $64.95, but it sells for $40 at Costco. I believe it is a worthwhile investment as your ears put out a lot of perspiration moisture.


Where are you located. I am in Houston and there is a Costco at the end of the block from where I live but they are understaffed and can’t see me each time I may want an appointment or pop in. I go to another Costco about 10 miles away for serious work. It is where I purchased my pair and it is where I go when I need serious work done on them. For quick cleaning of the ear molds I take it to the Costco at the end of the block. I can pop right in and out. So if you are in an area with multiple Costco locations, try different ones.

Note a big plus for me at least about Costco is that they are open until 6:00 and on Saturday and Sundays so I can schedule for when I am off work. Hearing aid doctors and clinics are all 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday, can’t take off work, not our problem buddy.


Some audiologists have better hours, though apparently not near you, unfortunately. My audiologist’s office has longer weekday hours, and Saturday hours, and they make evening appointments. They also do house calls and nursing home calls.


Louis, it is always the bane of working people that they have to take days off to see a doctor or tech. But, they are working people too, so I get it. Once a week later hours would be so helpful to many. Anyway, I live in Minneapolis and the closest Costco is 5 miles away. The next one is about 1/2 hour away. Neither is drop-in. They are understaffed. They don’t return phone calls. Last week, I gave up getting a return phone call and just went to Miracle Ear. I don’t have the time to deal with people who don’t have enough time to do their job properly. I needed one question answered and if affirmative, I would have made an appointment to see one of their salespeople. No call, no sale. Note: it’s been over a week now and Costco Hearing Center STILL hasn’t called me back.


Been wearing HAs for 45 years. Have never lost one or had one seriously damaged.

  1. Establish 1-2 (at most 3) places in your house /office where you will put the hearing aids when not wearing them.
  2. If you’re a guy invest in shirts with breast pockets where you can tuck the HAs if you have to take them out. If your female not sure what to suggest - probably some container you can put in your purse.
  3. Wear the HAs. They may bug you at first but you won’t retrain your brain if they are sitting idle.
  4. Your fitter probably didn’t set them to full power since that usually drives newbies nuts. Be sure to go back to get them adjusted in 2-3 months. May need to do that again depending on the level of power you need.

Good luck.