Brand New Hearing Aids-Widex 330's What extras do I really need?

I just started my trial with my Widex 330 Passion style RIC HA’s on Thursday. I have the small free form style dome and from the minute I put those things in my ears, I loved them. I teach 8th grade, and wore them to school the very next day. I have tiny, twisty ear canals, so was glad that the very small domes were comfortable, as the regular size felt huge. I am aware that my loss will progress as both parents were deaf, and I have two siblings who are 10 years older, with severe to profound loss. My hearing is normal through 1000hz sloping to a moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally and I am 61 years old. Sure glad I didn’t go to a lot of wild rock concerts. The Widex also has a Zen setting that I like (so far) for my tinnitus. My question is: Do I really need a hearing aid dryer, and towelettes, etc. to extend the life of these things? They were frightfully expensive, and I would like to be able to hold onto them for as long as possible.
Wollaston in Ohio

I have none of that stuff. I use a qtip to both keep my ears clean, and to clean off the aids once in awhile. I don’t use a dryer. Depending on your ears, though, you may need more. I read of folks up here who really fight ear wax, and I imagine that greatly increases the workload in keeping these things clean.