Brain disconnected from ears in sleep?

I have experienced a NEW phenomenon with my hearing. Its is scary but may be normal.
When I woke up yesterday I was hearing a very loud noise. Far beyond my tinnitus. It was a loud roar like a plane going over. I tried hearing anything over it and couldnt. Then I covered each ear and then both ears. The sound was coming from my brain, not thru my ears. As I continued to wake up the noise decreased and then suddenly went away. It was like my ears were disconnected from my brain.

I sleep with a sound machine so that I can mask my tinnitus. But I believe due to my sinus issues I will wake up with my tinnitus being really loud, but as soon as I put my aids on it goes back to it’s normal manageable level.

The sound I was hearing was different from my tinnitus, more of a lower frequency roar like an engine. My tinnitus is a singing sound at above 1700cps. But may be related. Its sudden cessation on fully waking up was what surprised me. It was like a switch was thrown to reconnect my ears to the brain.

Same here. It is more like a diesel truck idling right outside my bedroom window. When I wake up the noise is there and when I lie back for a few minutes and wait while it slowly recedes and my hearing is normal again.

Yes, that is exactly what I experience.

The other night there my Tinnitus went off the scale just prior to bed, at the time I thought there is no way I’m going to sleep through that din as it was so loud I could’nt concentrate on anything, twas like a wall of sound! Needless to say, I went out like a light and I was fast asleep within a couple of minutes, 30 odd years of adapting to Tinnitus… :slight_smile:


My tinnitus woke me up a couple of times. It sounded like loud wind whistle hitting the edge of a big copper shingle roof over the porch. Since storms can mean house damage, I tend to wake up during storm events. However, going outside to check, there was no wind.

When l wake up after sleep, l don’t have Tinnitus and when l put on hearing aid and if l hear a feedback sound then l hear a loud roar.

That is just opposite from me, just goes to show we are all different


This is different from the OP. I’ve thought about posting about it and figured I’d be pegged for a nutcase. But here goes. I suffer from adult night terrors. You can google that if you don’t know what they are and, basically, you sort of dream you wake up except you haven’t and you’re sort of hallucinating stuff in your sleeping area or bed. They tend to run in families. Your heartrate goes crazy. A lot of children get them and they are usually outgrown. Mine are accompanied by sleep paralysis (part of the terror is that I can’t move or speak or scream), good thing…because my mom would wake up and run around in a panic and injure herself. OK…what’s the hearing aid link.? Since I got my hearing aids about 2 years ago, I’ve started to have an auditory component to these terrors. I NEVER heard anything (that I recall anyway) during prior years of these things. Now? I regularly have someone (usually a recognized person) calling my name, hollering at me…etc.

The brain and the brain at sleep can be an odd thing.