Bragi Project Ears - Hearing Enhancement + Tinnitus Relief


Hello Guys!

Thanks for letting us join the community.

Bragi have recently launched a community for Project Ears, asking you guys to contribute with inputs and suggestions in order to develop the best possible products.

With Project Ears, we want to bring you relief from tinnitus and noise when you need it, and enhance your hearing in environments where you face difficulties. You can check out more about the project here: Project Ears

We are still on our way to design the product, and you guys can help us on the journey!

We’re looking forward to hear from you guys.

Team Bragi


How come nobody’s talking about these? They look awesome. I think. Do they/will they have full hearing-aid capabilities? I take it this is an outgrowth of the Dash earbud-things? If they’ll make me look younger and prettier, I’m definitely in.