Bragi incorporates mimi hearing test for media amplification

Basis for the personalization is a six-minute hearing test within the Bragi app developed in cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies. The result is a personal hearing profile used by The Dash Pro.

Mimi Defined™ can optimize any electronic sound source during playback, so that the sounds adapts exactly to your personal hearing ability.

Mimi Defined™ goes way beyond an equalizer or EQ, it continuously analyses the audio material in real time simulating the signal manipulation occurring within the ear.


Now that is some flowery marketing-speak. Um…yeah…that’s what an equalizer does.
Some Samsung smartphones have a “hearing test” function too.

I have never received official confirmation of this, but I have heard that Starkey has a financial interest in Bragi, and that is what makes this interesting to me.

Bragi offers custom “tailored by Starkey” earphones on their website.

This new Mimi hearing test likely developed out of Bragi Project Ears.

Yes, they are most definitely working together on the Dash Pro. That much we know. I was just speculating as to whether some investment capital had changed hands.

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