Bought used hearing aids and am looking for audiologist to fit them in Greensboro area


Greetings, everyone!

I’m new here. I’ll try to be concise (sorry, I obviously failed on this count!)

  • Bought used (only 8 hrs) pair of hearing aids from friend of friend
  • This person acquired them new in January (so 6 months old)
  • Oticon Siya 2 Opn RITE : bought at low cost by former owner for $850 via insurance but his audi said they would retail at $3800.
  • Claims they’re too loud for him, he doesn’t always want to hear everything, and he doesn’t really need them. Unspoken additional reason, I think, is he could use the cash.
  • I know from reading this forum that audiologists aren’t thrilled about working with folks like me, but our family needs two pairs and we don’t qualify for government assistance. Plus we have two sets of braces to acquire, as well.
  • My ten year old Oticons need repair and in the past this cost $600, so I thought this $500 was a good risk because at least I would have the latest technology.


  1. Was this a good deal despite the hassles I’ll probably face, such as no warranty and difficulties finding an audiologist?
  2. We live near numerous universities—in the Greensboro, NC, Raleigh Durham, and Charlotte area. I read here that unis were more open to working with the public to fit aids for a fee. Do any of you know of any university program or audiologist in this area that does this sort of thing? I emailed uncg today but haven’t heard back yet.
  3. My husband is a computer engineer and embedded systems specialist. Do you think he could learn to program them? If so, which program?

Thanks so much for your help and have a great Fourth of July!




You will probably find someone to adjust them for you. Keep trying.

Yes, your husband can probably learn to adjust them using the software, but think about this. He, presumably, has no audiology or hearing aid education, has never set up hearing aids before, and is unfamiliar with your hearing aids and software. Is that who you would hire to set up and adjust new hearing aids?

I have the equipment and software and do make my own adjustments but it was a fairly long process to learn. Mine were set up by an audiologist first and after a few adjustment sessions with the pro I started making very small changes and trying it out. I’m a software developer and operating the software is not really the hard part. Solving problems and not messing it up is what takes time to learn.



Welcome to the forum.
Have you looked at the DIY forum under Categories?
Using the search function look for Oticon software. You will also lea n about what equipment is need d to do the programming.
As far as finding an audiologist who will help you, all you can do is ask.
More members will help you soon.
Good luck.



Thanks for the programming info! I’ll look in categories for it.



I found an audiologist at the university who will do it for $100 or so. 3500 saved! Unless it needs repairs. Maybe the warranty will transfer? In any case it’s brand new so should last a while.



That’s great news.
I hope the aids work out for you.