Bose hearing aids & HearPhone

Very recently I called a BOSE factory retail store to discuss the Bose HearPhone as a device to possibly try as a replacement for my Phonak Audeo V aids.

The clerk told me that recently Bose received FDA approval for hearing aids. She didn’t have a timeline as to when they would be on the market.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard any news, and who has experience with the HearPhone?

Thank You

There are a few old threads about the hearphones check them out. Use the search.

I hear better with them than with my aids but others don’t have the same experience. I switch back and forth depending on the situation.

But, I’m getting new Phonak M90 RT next week so, hopefully my new $6000 aids will be better than my $500 hearphones. We’ll see. My older $6000 aids aren’t.

I am already convinced that the Bose hearing aids, when they finally come out, will be great. But, they will have the same goofy look. That is a problem for me.

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I am most anxious to hear feedback on your Phonak M90s, I have considered that option as well but the price tag will have me fixing my heart instead of my ears.

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My advice to those trying hearphones is to give them the full trial. That is, don’t decide after a few days that you don’t like them. Learn all the tweeks and settings, try lots of different situations, wear them everyday until the day before you can return before giving up on them.

I’m going to follow my own advice with my new Phonaks. Wear them all day every day and get lots of needed adjustments, and learn all the stuff, and try the newest accessories, and all that and more.

So, no review from me for about 2 months or when I really know for sure after a fair trial.

I dislike behind the ear hearing aids, why would I want to wear that neck loop all day long?

Here is an update on the FDA approved hearing aids from Bose.