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Noticed there is a post about Bose headphones over the hearing aids but it is an old post from February 2012 and it has been archived.


Oops there is a mouse in the house. While I was typing that last post it began to make a sound like a dripping faucet and it kept deleting what I had written. Couldn’t stop it so I hit reply and it posted.

Any way that archived post is old so my question is can you wear those Bose headphones over HA ‘s?

Bose 700s (black & silver) are on sale now for $339 at Best Buy and Amazon. The glacier whites are going for $299.

P.S. still love my Resound Preza’s but have not been able to test them in a noisy restaurant. All along my problem has been my app but everything is OK now and I don’t even notice that I have HA’s in my ears.

Bose makes quite a few headphones, including the Bose HEARphones, and there are quite a few other threads of people reviewing various headphones from Bose, including the HEARphones, including a thread or two discussing the Bose Hearphones in the context of David Owen’s recent book, Volume Control, in which he apparently devotes a whole chapter to the Bose device (one almost wonders whether the book is an “infomercial” - but I’m impressed with Ira Flatow’s respect for Owen), e.g., a golden oldie thread on the Bose Hearphone (started by MDB, no less!):

The Bose headphone that usually gets the most attention is the Bose QC35 II, an excellent wireless BT noise-cancelling headphone with very high audio quality, usually considered as a contender with the Sony WH-1000MX3 or 1000MX4 (now) as the top audio quality wireless noise-cancelling headphone. But they don’t have the directional tuning that the Hearphones do, as far as I know.

Yes, “Hearphone” is the brand name of a specific Bose model. “Headphone” is a generic term as MDB points out in the post of his that I referenced. And as with HA’s, YMMV for even something like the Bose Hearphone. Also, as pointed out in the MDB thread, YMMV with your hearing aids as far as getting any directionality out of them depending on how closed your fitting is. Because the earbuds that come as part of the Bose Hearphones PLUG YOUR EARS (probably not as effectively as good, custom-made occlusive HA molds), some folks may experience better directionality with Bose Hearphones than they do with their own HA’s and open-fitting domes, if they have good low-frequency hearing and noise leaks through to their eardrums when wearing their own HA’s. But one of the posters in the MDB thread thought that the Hearphones were an improvement over his HA’s in speech understanding in noisy situations and claimed to be wearing occlusive molds with his HA’s. Since the OTC hearing experiment is about to be launched in full (hopefully soon), the best thing for anyone interested in OTC devices, such as the BOSE Hearphones are, is to wait a bit and see what else shows up in the anticipated OTC land rush (the price of the Hearphones has now dropped from $500 to $400 on Amazon-in anticipation of things to come?!).

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So the correct terminology is Bose Hearphones?

Bose has many products. The 700’s you mention are headphones (and other things using that series name). They also have a thing called hearphones. They are not the same.

Jim, I did read your post about the book Volume Control. Very interesting.

Tomorrow is another day so I will go in and read all of those posts regarding HearPhones.

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@anihan I have Bose quiet comfort head phones. I love them as they fit very comfortably over my HA and Cochlear processor. They are paired to my iPhone and I have full control over the volume etc.

See topic “hearing loss in history” etc for more on the Volume Control book, esp. by JimLewis. It’s a valuable read (libraries have it) for anyone interested in the contemporary world of hearing devices, and esp. the HEARphones. And as Jim points out, you can read big parts of it on the Amazon “Look Inside!” feature.

I have a set of Bose QC35 II wireless noise-cancelling headphones. They are unbelievably good at cancelling noise. I have worn them over a pair of KS8 hearing aids. That works well. Now that I am working from home I use the headphones for Teams meetings for work. I also use them for phone calls with my Android cell. That works just as well. I got mine as a work anniversary gift - otherwise I doubt I would have tried them. They are definitely worth the $300 they normally go for. The 700 model sounds even better as they have noise-cancelling on the microphone side as well.