Bosch MT-80 body aid

Does anyone have an old mt-80 they would like to sell? I have profound loss and the mt-80 is about the only aid that works for me without feedback or echo.

Have you checked the Bellman Mino, it has very high output capability.
Check the technical specs for the different headphones, ear buds they pair with.

These might be an alternative: Body Aid Hearing Aids - Order Hearing Aids Online!


Interesting device. Unfortunately, I’m down to my last 10-20% in my only ear and I’m pretty sure the Bellman won’t provide the power I need. They do seem to imply it can be used in conjunction with a hearing aid but I don’t see how. I’ll check further.

Thanks !


I do have a Rexton body aid from Lloyd’s but it’s a little short on power and a little long on feedback so performance not up to my MT-80.

Thanks !