Book review

I just pick up the “hearing aid handbook 2008-2009”
it is the bomb it has most manf… tech specs,
so it is a must have for all the prof in the forum which whish to
quickly compare tech features between hearing aid manf…

Hi XBulder,

Does this book only compare technical specs(2cc, kemar, fitting range) or advanced features/algorithms too? Does it contain as yet unreleased 2008, 2009 products such as Vigo/Pro, Epoq V, Unitron Next, Siemens Pure/Tek/Vibe?

I really think the publisher should consider an online apid subscriber site so this info can be continiously updated.

unfortunately it has not consider the upcoming products,
i actually suggested the writer it should have a website with all the info,
the book still is missing rexton and widex info…

I was about to order one to further my “education”… but no point buying a history book … what a pity