Bone disease medications may reverse hearing loss

I know this my wife takes treatments bone density issues, she is 73 and she can hear a pin drop at the other end of the house. So maybe that is the reason she has such good hearing.

Funny, my wife takes meds for her loss of bone density. She wears KS9 aids.

it is totally interesting though. My wife has always had good hearing, But to be honest as my hearing gets worse her’s seems to get better.


Great, tell me this the week I’m going for a cochlear implant procedure due to losing the hearing in one ear from SSHL.

Unfortunately, this won’t help my other ear because of nerve damage in that ear. I’ll just keep using my hearing aid in that ear. Besides, it’s still a ways off because it will have to go through human trials, then FDA approval.

My understanding is that this is more for improving speech recognition than shifting hearing thresholds.



I’ve been on treatment for bone density loss since 2012. In 2017 I suffered a SSHL AND 2019 I had a Cochlear Implant. So this treatment did sweet nothing for reversing my hearing loss.


Thanks Sheryl. Now I feel better. I could see being put on bone density meds because when I broke my leg in 2012, the doc wanted me on calcium due to a concern with the density of my bones. Then I saw your response to the SSHL & bone density meds. It hasn’t done anything for you so I can now feel confident about getting my implant. :smile:

This is super early days for this type of study; I saw the article linked on Reddit this morning.

Maybe they will discover the conditions necessary for improvement. I could be wrong but if their research zeros in on methods of improving word recognition, the drug would not require full FDA testing. It would simply be a recognized off label use, which could happen fairly quickly after submission to the FDA.

Everyone always wants a quick fix. There’s no quick fix, not yet.

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