Bone Conduction Head Phones


I just got a set of bone conduction earphones. Anyone else tried them? They use Bluetooth 4.1 and can connect to multiple devices without repairing when switching from one to another. I have them paired to my computer, television, android phone, and my android car radio/navigation unit. They are not hearing aids just sound amplifiers but surprised me by providing good sound. I have tried them with and without my OPN aids. Better with the aids but not bad without them. They fit behind the ear but it’s like wearing glasses and BHE aids at the same time. They are not too expensive. They have 2 models the AIR and the older Titanium . The list price is about $150 for the newer lighter ones and about $100 for the older model. They don’t cover the ears or fit in the canal, just rest on your cheek bones. I am sure everyone’s results could be different, but to me music sounds better than when I stream from my Oticon TV connect directly to my aids. Speech from the TV and phone is also very good. I see they have them on Amazon. I bought mine on Ebay for $80 (new) for the $150 Air models. The link is to the makers website. You can also download the user manual and look at the technical specs. They charge in about 2 hours and claim 6 hours use, I have used them longer than that, at least 8 hours. Has anyone else tried these. If so what did you think?

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Do you know if your hearing loss is conductive or sensorineural? I’m guessing these work better for conductive losses.



Here are my earlier comments:

These work for anyone, but my loss is sensorineural.