Bolero Q50 SP OK to trial with my hearing?


First post here, so I hope this the proper place and appropriate question. I have uploaded my audiogram and placed a bit of intro text into my user profile.

I have the opportunity to trial a pair of Bolero Q50 SP that will be programmed to my audiometry for pretty much no cost. My goal in doing this is just to see what a hearing aid is like without spending thousands.

The reason for the question is that these are SP and hence not a perfect match for my lower frequency needs. If I only use in relatively quiet environment would this be a safe experiment ?

Thank you in advance and apologies if I am breaking cultural standards of the community.



Those SP aids are more powerful than you need but would work. You could probably get something smaller that might be more comfortable and also fit your loss better.
Did an audiologist recommend these aids? The audiogram doesn’t always say what’s going on.



Thank you for the quick reply, I greatly appreciate it.

These were not recommended. They are a used set that I can try for almost no cost.

My objective is just to see what an aid might offer in terms of sounds that I am apparently missing. I have no clue what a hearing aid might offer to my relatively modest hearing loss. I consider these a disposable experiment. Worst case they go into a drawer, best case they become back-ups because I find that I want to pursue something that is carefully selected and fit.

I just wanted to get thoughts from someone who has experience to be sure the higher power than I need is not a problem in a quiet setting. My understanding is that the minimum in lower frequencies with the SP is 20db, and I don’t need this until about 1k according my audiometry. I’m guessing that is OK as long as I am not in high sound environment where the add exceeds safe levels. But, I’m an absolute nubie and am fully aware that this is all learning curve for me.

Thank you again for the quick reply !




From your audiogram you will benefit from aids.
Have you considered trialing some that are right for you?



Thank you again for the reply. This is a pretty solitary experience and I really appreciate your thoughts.

Right now, the price of hearing aid’s and professional service puts them far out of reach. I see my path as learning as much as I can, making mistakes, and ultimately becoming a DIYer. My thinking is with that approach I will ultimately be a very informed consumer with the ability to make wise choice on the device and, perhaps as important, understand fitting and programming to really get the best benefit. I am quite tech savy and have a healthcare background so I think becoming a self-sevice DIYer is within reach. It does mean I will try a lot of things that don’t work or are not intended as anything but learning curve experience such as these Bolero Q50 SPs. They are too high power for my loss, but it does seem that for nearly no cost I will gain considerable experience - however that was the reason for my query. I do want to be sure my thinking is accurate and that these will only be a disaster.

I don’t feel it’s fair for me to go to a hearing center and take their time knowing I cannot purchase at their prices. My preconceived perception is that prices are extremely high, upsell pressure is the norm, and actually getting a fit and programming is an exercise of constant revisits to the point of many giving up. The exception seems to be what I hear from U.S. vets using VA services, which I do not have.

Perhaps I am approaching this really all wrong. Don’t see how else to ultimately wind up with good fit and proper programming given the cost of devices and professional services. I’d love to go that route but simply not my reality at this point in time. I cover the expenses of a lot of people so for a few more years my needs are back burner.

Thank you again. Appreciate your thoughts.



I wear Phonak Ultra Power hearing aids and my right ear is mild to moderate (I think it’s mild to moderate) although I do have a conducive loss but according to the chart, I’m out of the fitting range. The hearing aids have been set according to my loss and it’s not too loud.



@Zebras Thank you for sharing your experience. While scouring this site I think I’ve seen you come up in some of the DIY threads. Are you a bit of a DIY person ?

I am so new to this, it is so complex with options, potentially very expensive, and I am quite unclear as to whether I will have any real benefit that I am finding just getting started is difficult.

@Raudrive asked a very good question re: had I considered an aid that is actually a match. I may just go to Costco and start the process. Seems that people are impressed with the latest offering. However, the site host seems to suggest waiting until Phonak makes a new feature announcement - which will probably be expensive.

I find it all a bit paralyzing so my default is to go inexpensive and tinker as a DIYer.

Thank you both for your responses. Greatly appreciated.



@RCF I’ve actually been a DIYer since 2011 with Phonak hearing aids.

If you want to use your Bolero’s, you’ll only need a iCube and the software. Not very expensive at all.



Your rational is exactly why I went the DIY route 10 years ago.
I am trying to remember if the Quest family use the iCube or iCube 2 for wireless programming. I could look it up but will ask. I have an iCube that is not being used.
Someone who wants to self program has to be someone who wants to search and read to learn. The information is in this forum if you want to learn. There are steps to doing this and buying aids is the last thing you want to do.



@Zebras That is along the lines of what I was exploring. Choosing a major brand and then learning to DIY within their product line. Phonak is where I was leaning since they seem to have a wide array of products. I’m not finding the Target s/w to be available but that is something I will raise on the appropriate topic area.

The learning curve and opportunity to DIY adds a level of engagement that I find rewarding.



They use both. The Quest will work with both.

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I started self programming before I knew about this forum.

I bought my software off eBay and also the iCube aa that’s the only place I knew where to get the equipment.