Bolero better than Marvel?


Today I visted a pair of seniors to help them with their iPhones (It’s too noisy at the Apple Store for them).: he with a cochlear implant, she with fairly new Audeo Bolero HAs. Suggested we pair her HAs with with her iPhone but when I looked in the Audeo Bolero booklet they gave her I was surprised to see that these not only did not have Bluetooth connectivity to the iPhone but they also did not have rechargeable batteries. AND she was charged $6,800 by her audiologist, if I heard her correctly.

I have Audeo Marvels with rechargable batteries and with terrific bluetooth connectivity to my iPhone and my audi charged $4,600.

I am wondering if this gal got taken but at the same time I recognize that there may something about the Boleros that makes them even better than my Marvels.

I was going to suggest that she return to her Audi and ask if the Marvels might be a better fit for her since she now has an iPhone.



The Boleros are a BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aid whereas your Marvels are RIC (Receiver in Canal) If one is used to a BTE and/or has a pretty severe loss, there can be advantages to a BTE (reliability, ease in handling and maintaining) The price is within the range of what hearing aids go for. Hers is at the higher end, and yours, depending of what level (50,70 or 90) is more moderately priced. IF using an iPhone is problematic with the current hearing aids, and she has not had the Boleros long, it would be reasonable to return to the audi and ask to try something else.



Thanks so much for that info. I think I will politely suggest she do so.



If she’s outside the window in which she can return them, then you are just giving her angst about whether she bought the correct thing.



For once, I guess I did the right thing. I had an email to her queued up, paused, then said to myself “Butt out!”, and didn’t send it.



I have Boleros SP 70, they have BT and iPhone connectivity… mine costed $7500 AU. I’m not sure what other models have though.