Blulink II K90 Mini Rite


I am brand new to this forum, although I have been using it for research on HA and general hearing loss topic. I have been experiencing gradual hearing loss in both ears for a while, but just recently I finally decided to seek help and get HA. I have a moderate hearing loss in high frequencies.

The audiologist I went to recommended the Blulink II K90 Mini Rite. I know it’s made by Oticon, but it’s extremely difficult to find any info on it. Does anyone on this forum use this product? Should I be asking for a model with more feature, since this seems to be a pretty basic model although it does have a blue tooth. What should I expect to pay for it, assuming that it comes with a 3 year warranty and follow up visits for the next three years.

Thank you in advance.

The K90 refers to the Oticon Ino Pro. It’s pretty basic as you said, and I wouldn’t pay more than $1300 each. If you want something higher-end with newer technology, the BluLink II H series would be similar to the Oticon Alta. But it’s going to be much more expensive than the Ino.

Thank you for your response rasmus_braun. My Audio is asking $3,150 for each. It seems like a premium price for a basic device.