BlueTooth USB Dongle VS TV Connector?

I’ve been using the BT dongle in the computer as well as the TV connector plugged into the Tosco receptacle on the TV. Now I’m wondering if that’s causing interference between the two and maybe I need to just use the TV connector plugged into the 3.5 mm audio receptacle on the computer? Does anyone have experience/thoughts on proper connectivity for TV and computer connected with HDMI cable. I’m wearing the Unitron Moxi in canal HA’s?

My brain isn’t as good as it used to be, so hopefully I have this straight! To me it sounds like you’re plugging your PC into your TV via HDMI, and that you’re connecting your hearing aids to your PC using Bluetooth and to your TV via TOSLINK through a TV connector. Is that about the size of it?

Technically I can’t see why the two disparate connections should cause any issues. After all, you can only listen to one connection at a time. I have experienced weird ground loops when hooking my PC up to my TV before that have resulted in a 60 cycle hum and significant static.

What have you done to troubleshoot?

I’ve not had time to do a lot more trouble shooting. This is what I’ve done so far. I’ve update the Windows 10 to the latest update hoping that would help. When I come home at night I close down the Iphones Bluetooth to see if that helps. It just seems like a lot of disconnecting the phone repairing connecting to the computer to watch YouTube and the TV. As everyone knows sometimes the connecting to the computer may require rebooting the computer several times. This seems like a lot of effort for something that should be seamlessly connected. bjr