Bluetooth transmitter with ComPilot?

I’ve seen on Amazon and places Bluetooth transmitters, meant to plug into the audio jack of old devices (Tape players, CD Players), that can then pair with bluetooth headphones, etc. Has anyone tried using one with a ComPilot? I was thinking it would be nice to listen to some old books-on-disk without having to go through the hassle of converting.

Here’s and example:

Looks like one that would work. I suggest you search on the manufacturer and download the manual. This one is stereo and low latency which is a bit of overkill for audio books. Its nice to have one that can recharge while in use. Some don’t have that feature.

I’ve been using BT transmitters from Amazon with Phonak V90 and Compilot Air II (CA II.) I have been able to pair the three I’ve gotten so far although sometimes it takes a few tries when first pairing. Once paired, the CA II will pick it up when you get within range. I have one plugged into our TV in the kitchen constantly connected to power through the USB port in the TV. If the TV is turned off the transmitter will turn off also but if the TV is on I can walk in and out of the kitchen and within a few seconds it automatically picks up. If it turns off just pressing the On button will bring it up and the CA II picks up right away. One piece of advice is to look for BT transmitters that have volume control. Unless you can control the volume of the transmitting device to the 3.5mm jack, you won’t have enough control and it can be LOUD! I have also used a BT transmitter with the CA II and a small AM/FM radio at baseball games and football games to hear the broadcast. It really adds to the experience. Another tip is with the loud music and announcers at the games, I usually turn one HA off.

I have experienced the problems reported previously with the range of the CA II. I did get a leather necklace (not as flashy as a metal one) also from Amazon that holds the CA II so that it is just lower than the collar of a T-shirt and relatively hidden. With a dress shirt or a fleece vest over it, it isn’t noticeable. Note that you will need to turn off the LED or you will get odd looks. To turn off the LED, press the two buttons on the side simultaneously. With the CA II on the necklace and under a T-shirt, there is little movement and it is close enough that I rarely lose connectivity.

With the CA II under my T-shirt, I am able to make calls and be heard very well. I did get some curious glances as I walked into the grocery store finishing up my conversation! I just held my phone up to my ear like I was having a normal conversation. I expect people will get used to seeing people having conversations this way when the Apple Air Buds become more prevalent.

One solution to skip the transmitter when viewing television, is the Tunity app if you have an iPhone (not sure if is available for Android or Windows.) With this app, you scan the image on the screen and it will broadcast the audio for that show over your iPhone and through the CA II to your HAs. I have had a few instances where it didn’t find the program, but for the most part it works remarkably well. The audio can be a little behind or ahead but there are tuning buttons that get it right in sync. I used this in a noisy sports bar environment last Friday night and I was probably the only person in the place that could hear the broadcast!