Bluetooth Transmitter to Phonak Marvel 70

I have transitioned from Phonak V50 with the Compilot II to Marvel 70s. Previously I used a TaoTranics bluetooth transmitter paired with the Compilot II to privately listen to a hand held police scanner.

I would like to do the same with the Marvel 70s. The TaoTronics transmitter will not pair with the myPhonak app. I am thinking I may need an audio professional to pair this transmitter with the myPhonak app as I have the new TV link paired with myPhonak app, and the TV link is basically a bluetooth transmitter.

Has anyone else been able to sync bluetooth transmitter to their Phonaks without the assistance of an audio professional?

I use a small Taotonics BT transmitter on flights to connect from the airline entertainment system to Marvels. Bypass the app, turn off BT on the phone, and connect directly to the HAs.

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Thanks for the information. Will save me bringing large over the ear headphones when flying.

I was unsure of pairing anything directing to the HA and bypassing the app but it did pair with my TaoTronics transmitter. Thank You

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Thks for the info Psych 1 . What Taotronics model was it , and is it easy to set up the HA’s. I am getting a set of KS9’s and hopefully they will be easy to use for plane trips.

Very easy to set up and use - just read and follow directions. The one I got is a combo transmitter/receiver about $20 on Amazon. But there is a new one they call “updated” low latency transmitter only same price. That is probably the one to get.

Speaking of these Taotronics Bluetooth devices … I found this TV/Home Stereo device that I wonder … would it replace the Phonak TV streamer? I ask cuz this device costs $39 - vs $200 for the Phonak TV streamer. I’m about to plunk down some $400 to buy TWO of the Phonak TV streamers next week.

But if my Marvel aids can pair with this Taotronics device, I’d sure be interested in getting two of them instead. Anyone out there using this with their Marvel aids?

Any chance you could surf up to Amazon and copy/paste the link to that device here in your post? I’d also LOVE to travel with that unit vs my bulky Sennheiser headphones on long flights. :slight_smile:

These should work, and the reviews have been good. Also , not a lot of money at risk if they don’t.

This one

Fyi… Costco sells the exact same Phonak TV Connector for $99.00 everyday.

Have tried the device today with great success. I also carried Sennheiser headphones on flights but see no need using the Taotronics device. Sound quality is fairly good. Worth the $34 spent.

HM! I just surfed up to the Costco site and can’t find it anywhere. Could you share the link at the Costco site? Geez. If I can pay HALF the cost at Costco, I’ll tell my audi “Never mind!” about the 2 new Phonak TV Connectors he’s holding for me.

It is called a TV Connector, it is considered a Easy Line Accessory20191214_212137|375x500
it is identical to Phonak TV Connector, I have owned both.
If you do a search for “ks9 easy line tv connector” you will find it, I am not computer literate enough to put link up, sorry.

ACK!!! Their website is incredibly LAME! The closest I could get to the TV Connector Costco sells is near the bottom of this page under the section “TV Unit”. Since there is a hearing center at my local Costco, I’ll just make a note to ASK them when I shop there on Tues. Thanks for the heads-up!

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