Bluetooth Streamer Compilot Air II question

I wear Phonak Audeo B90. Thinking of a mic the Bluetooth Streamer Compilot Air 11. cost 375.00

This is a dumb question I forgot to ask my audi. Will I have to buy a separate bluetooth in my hearing aids that will stream to the remote mic?

Or does the audi program the mic to my existing aids? Thanks forum.

Not necessarily depends on the level of technology your aids have. If your Aud told you to purchase a Compilot you must have BT though. When you get your phone take the both compilot and iPhone to your Aud and they will pair it all for you. Well mine did for me… it’s a 2 stage process, pair your compilot to your iPhone and your iPhone to your aids. It was way to complicated for me to do it. :joy:

Your Audeo B90 aids will communicate with the Compilot2. The Compilot2 will pair with your phone, the remote mic, the TVLink2, and other Bluetooth devices.
You can also use the Roger X receiver with the Compilot2 with different Roger transmitters.
Pretty neat stuff.
Zebras is teaching me stuff!

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Okay, I have to buy a bluetooth for $375. plus the Compilot2 another $375 which was quoted by my audio in Calif. Comes to $750 if I can get a deal?

eBay is your friend. Compilot2 are going for about $100. The TVLink2 around $75-$100. A remote mic about $25-$50.

What’s a Bluetooth?

Compilot2 must be paired with your HAs by your Audi. It requires Phonak programming device and target software.

Pairng between Compilot2 and other bluetooth devices, such cell phone, TV Link2, and remote mic, is very simple and easy. You can do it by yourself. You can buy them cheap from eBay as Raudrive suggests above.

If you buy Compilot2 from ebay, you need to find a person who can pair that to your hearing aids for you.

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@cjpines the Audeo B90 aids you bought are the premium level of Phonak aid. They come with Bluetooth built into the aid. You do not have to buy Bluetooth. You just need to purchase a compilot 2.
@Raudrive Bluetooth? Really you don’t know what that is? Even this IT dummy knows what Bluetooth is? :joy:

I know what Bluetooth is.
The OP said she has to buy Bluetooth for $375. That makes zero sense. That’s why I asked.

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@Raudrive if she’s capable of pairing the the compilot 2 to the phone then to the aids, I agree it’s expensive. BUT if she doesn’t have the IT skills or have anyone who can do it for her and she has to get the aud to do it, she really has no choice. Simply because most auds won’t connect devices they haven’t supplied.

You are right…

I know what a Bluetooth is, I have one in my mouth to be replaced. Ha. Whoever came up with this name?

Anyway, I’m on this forum because of all of you, you know everything and I no nothing. I’ve gain a lot of insight from all of you. You have helped me more than you know to educate myself with my hearing problems and intelligent questions for my Audi. So there, Thank You.

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Me too. Learning something every day.
Have gotten a bunch of help over the years so I am trying to help others more now.

The B90 aids you have only need a Compilot11 to communicate with your phone for example. If you want the TV sound to come into both of your hearing aids you will need a TVLink11. This TVLink will communicate with your Compilot11.
The Compilot11 is the hub for Bluetooth devices to communicate with your hearing aids. The Compilot11 and compilotair11 do the same thing.

Is this making sense, if not we can describe it another way maybe. I have the prices of these items in an earlier post. You should be able to get set up for $150 easy. You should also be able to buy these somewhere besides your audiologist office and then take them to the office and have them set up for you.

Yes, makes sense I think. I’ll ask my audi if he will set them up for me and what would he charge?

I’ll look up your prices in another link. Thank you.

So, through eBay are they used? I’ll check on it. Does all Compilot2 and CompilotAir2 pair with all hearing aids? Meaning is there different models for different aids?

The Venture and Beyond Phonak aids link to the Compilot11 and Compilot Air11.

eBay has both used and new items for sale.