Bluetooth/speakerphone options for Phonak Audeo B-Direct?


I’m in the market for a conference-room quality speakerphone that is also bluetooth enabled. I wear Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids, so ideally, this phone would enable high-quality speakerphone OR connectivity to my aids. It would be my choice whether to answer the phone with my aids (and stream to the LEFT ear only), or to use the speakerphone option for stereophonic sound (that would annoy every other person in the house!).

Any recommendations? I read in a post from August that Plantronics has some options, but so do a lot of others for much cheaper at

I guess my other question would be: Do the Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids connect to ANY and ALL bluetooth-enabled devices? Or is this another incentive for me to graduate to the Marvel model? If I was unable to pair my aids to the speakerphone, it’d have to be returned … sigh.



Well, I may be quacking in a vacuum here, but I answer my OWN query! Turns out I didn’t need the speakerphone after all. I ended up putting on my old Oticon Alta Pro aids, wearing my old Streamer Pro necklace, and sitting down for THREE hours to research my health insurance options. Aieeeeeyah! There should be message boards on that topic alone.

My fear was that either my cell phone, aids or streamer would DIE on me mid-stream. My dear hubs had the answer for my phone: just plug the charging base into my laptop to keep it charged while on the phone. YAY! Worked like a charm. I also have to give kudos to the old Streamer Pro necklace. That didn’t run out of charge for THREE hours! And since I was wearing my old Alta Pro aids, the battery life is longer than my new Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids.

Now if only we could reform healthcare so the choices aren’t so absurdly complex! I could’ve papered a large living room wall with the policy brochures for the two bundled plans I will likely select. This ain’t even Medicare we’re talking about!

Well I rant. But at least I saved several hundred bucks on a speakerphone, and used the tools I have on-hand to get the job done. :slight_smile: