BlueTooth Question: Cutting off Parts of Sentences

Howdy folks! After spending lots of time trying to figure out why the following is happening, and searching here for the answer and not finding it, I decided it’s time to call for help.

Hearing Aids: Phonak Paradise 90-T 13.
Re: Bluetooth with laptop. It works fine with the dongle I bought, EXCEPT with two of my programs,
Kindle PC (text to voice), and AngelSound. So with YouTube and FB it’s working great.

What happens: With Kindle it cuts off the beginning of every sentence and the voice comes in on the last half. With AngelSound it does the same when reading out sentences, but with single words or sounds nothing comes out.

I checked with the MyPhonak app on my tablet (doesn’t connect on my cell), and it is actually switching back and forth Automatic, then to Bluetooth-Mic2. I think this has something to do with the natural pauses, but at any rate, it’s highly frustrating!

I have done everything I know how, including stopping all other BlueTooth in the area, but it still does this. I will go back to my audiologist with this problem this week, but wanted to check with you all before I do. Is there a work-around for it?

Note: When I was trialing the Unitron a while back, it did the same. I didn’t dwell on it because I didn’t keep them, for other reasons.

Hmmm… just a thought: If we do a separate program for BlueTooth, might that solve it?

Could it be an AutoSense problem?

I used to have similar issues with google maps navigation. I think it may be related to which Bluetooth profile is used to connect. You might want to play around with disabling/enabling profiles in Windows 10 (if that’s what you’re using). See

This is from a quick Google. I don’t claim expertise. Good luck.

Thank you. I’ll look further into that.

I also have new Phonak Paradise. I don’t need a dongle to pair to my MacBook laptop. Because the Paradise use classic BT, it pairs directly, just like any BT headset. Try using your laptop BT without the dongle to see if that helps. Also remember only two devices can be connected at a time. But if you turned off BT on all other devices that should have avoided that problem.

Thanks! My laptop which is older doesn’t seem to have BT without the dongle. It’s a Toshiba Satellite C55-A refurbished. I bought it at a computer repair shop. It does have Windows 10.

I’m going to try replacing the BT Dongle with the Sennheiser, as I see that has worked for others. Special copied below from Psych1:


(Sennheiser BTD 500 USB Bluetooth Dongle)

I got one and it works well. $10 new on Ebay free and fast shipping. The vendor had a lot of them.Sennheiser BTD 500 USB - - USB Bluetooth Transmitter Never used New in box | eBay

The problem may be with the BT connection of the apps that don’t work.

It’s strange to me that those apps work fine with my Signia hearing aids, via the EasyTek and with other Signias I trialed. Of course, they weren’t direct to BT like the Phonaks I have now, I had to have a Streamline Mic.

Interesting that this evening I plugged the Roger On into the laptop with the included connector, and all the sound was perfect! Even those two programs that hadn’t worked well before. So it must be a Bluetooth problem.