Bluetooth personal amplifier

I am new to the forum and apologize in advance if my question was asked before (tried to search but did not see the needed info).

I have a mild hearing loss and don’t use hiring aid yet due to the high cost. I started using a personal hearing amplifier device (from Zyon Lab) and found it more or less adequate for my needs. Surely I would prefer a bit more granular frequency amplification but real problem is the lack of bluetooth connectivity.
I am looking for a solution for streaming audio in both directions (without an external mic) primarily for phone (iPhone) and conferencing (Mac) i.e. not specifically for high-quality music hearing.
I am also concerned about the cost of the solution and would like to find a good compromise.
Could you please share ideas/leads if my goal is achievable at this time?


One member has spoken very highly of these: Sound World Solutions Companion Amplifier | Product Info, Reviews, Prices, and Videos

and to add, you can get full blown hearing aids with good bluetooth connectivity for $1500 at Costco.

Thanks, but as I see it the bluetooth connection is used for configuration only. I need the streaming and (essential!) in both directions that my voice will be sent to another device.

I don’t think you’re going to find that in personal amplifier. It’s rare in hearing aids, found only in Phonak, Unitron and the Costco hearing aid I mentioned. (Kirkland Signature 9, aka KS9)

Airpod pro used with the hearing accomanendtions turned on will do exactly what you are asking for. You will have to set them with an iPhone running the newest IOS.

Functionality wise, yes. I have two concerns about Airpods (assuming they may deliver adequate amplification of mid-high frequencies):

  1. Their charge most probably will not hold for a day
  2. It is weird looking to wear them talking to people around (not for conferencing).
    Using them only for conferencing means to remove regular aids all the time.
    I am wondering if someone has experience to wear them in addition to RIC aids. Will they fit good enough?

My recommendation would be the Bose Hearphones, which worked really great for me. Maybe not the cheapest solution, but still much cheaper than hearing aids (and providing much better sound quality). You can tune real word sound volume versus streaming sound volume with a slider from the smartphone app. Great for conferencing and phone calls. But yes, talking to people feels a bit odd at first. But I generally let people know in the beginning that these are my hearing supports. This worked fine even in customer meetings.

Can you send exact model you are using?

I am not aware of different models. Maybe you best search for Bose Hearphones on the web (not Headphones, not Earphones). It is a device with a neckloop and looks like one of Boses noise cancelling headphones but has different functionality with real world amplification (or attenuation) and a bass/treble slider.

Looks like they were discontinued from Bose, some are still available on eBay.