Bluetooth output for personal fm receiver

I have an FM receiver that I used to plug-in to my com-pilot to listen to
a PA system, now I have new Marvels and no com-pilot. What are my options
besides a T-coil neck loop, that I can’t use because I have a pacemaker implant.
Will a bluetooth output connect with my aids. My aids are furnished by the VA, and
haven’t been updated to the latest firmware yet.

You could use the Phonak Roger System and RogerDirect?

Some Bluetooth devices will pair with and stream to your Marvels. There will be latency, but if you are listening to music from a radio, it shouldn’t matter. There is also the TV Connector, which has a 1/8 inch input that can be used with most any audio source, but the TV Connector doesn’t have a built in battery, so it isn’t portable. The update enables them to pair to two devices at once. If you only use one, it shouldn’t matter.

There are many portable usb battery chargers that could power the TV connector.

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Very true, And, since the TV Connector is made for Marvel, it is simple to use. Phonak says that battery drain on the aids is lower with the TV Connector. The downside is cost. A Bluetooth streamer is much less expensive than the TV Connector.

How big of a battery pack would I need to last at least one hour
on my fm receiver ?

You would need to find out the current draw not the rating of the power supply. You could probably use the required power supply current for an estimate. Then look at the mAhr rating of the charger. Use some kind of fudge factor because I don’t know how the voltage would drop as the charging battery drains and ages. Maybe 2 or 3?

This is only a guess and not an endorsement etc.

As to the cost, I read somewhere, the costco ks9 tv connector $100 is the same as the marvel $250.connector. I don’t know so don’t blame me. LOL Probably read it in this 940 plus thread forum post.

I just measured my Phonak TV connector. I have a USB power meter, and I was running it from a battery.

It shows 110-120mA current draw from the battery (ar the 5V USB voltage) while playing a “loud” source (FWIW, not sure it makes any difference) through my Marvels.

Divide the mAh rating of the battery by 120 to get the number of hours of use. With a 1000mAh USB charger battery you could use the streamer for 8 hours, but you can’t even find something that small.

You dont need all the power (or size or cost) of the 20100 mAh battery in the link above, unless you didn’t mind the bulk and wanted a lot longer time between charges.

That being said, I highly recommend Anker batteries. I have numerous batteries from Anker and their quality and customer service is excellent. They have a whole range of capacities and sizes. My favorite is the 5000 mAh plug-in unit because I never need a charger for it; it just plugs right in. You could run your streamer for weeks (40 cumulative hours of use) on this baby before it ran out.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000, Portable Charger 5000mAh 2-in-1 with Dual USB Wall Charger, Foldable AC Plug and PowerIQ, Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, and More

FYI the voltage doesn’t change during the battery discharge or lifetime. Li-Ion cells have a very flat discharge curve, but even that’s irrelevant because all these USB charger batteries have boost regulators and maintain exactly 5V on the output until they’re depleted. Even with regular use, the battery should retain 80-90% of its capacity after a year.

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Thanks for the info. As i said the link was only a guess, I had no idea what the current would be. I also have a couple of Anker products and am very happy with them.

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