Bluetooth or audio to MFI


I have been looking for a device that will accept input from Bluetooth or other audio (wired) devices and produce MFI output. I love the quality and range of MFI when using my iPad, but I use an android phone so I would like to use the MFI capability of my KS8s to listen to other devices (such as my tv). Do any of the users here know of such a device?



To my knowledge not possible, see if they have a streamer you can use to connect your aids to the android phone



Your easiest solution may be a switch to an iPhone.



They have a transmitter for TV and other devices. It’s not Mfi but it transmits directly to the hearing aids. Check with your Costco.

Also, they have a bluetooth streamer for Android phones. Other bluetooth devices can transmit to the streamer device. It’s called Smart Connect or Smart Direct, something like that.



I know about these devices, but in looking at the MFI section on Apple’s website, it looks as if this could be licensed. When I previously had KS4s and used their version of the streamer, I didn’t like it because the device needed to be very close to your ears and even then didn’t work well. With MFI (on my iPad), I can walk all around the house and still hear clearly. As an engineer I know that analog can be converted to any kind of digital stream (which of course MFI is). Maybe it’s just a matter of waiting for someone to do it. The weak point in the previous streamers seemed to be not the Bluetooth reception, but the final link to the hearing aids. Why wouldn’t someone use the MFI capability since it is already in the HAs?



I believe Apple developed MFi so THEIR devices can talk to other devices like hearing aids. I suspect they don’t licence it to Google or others they consider as competitors.



If you read their licensing requirements, there is no evidence of that restriction. Of course Apple has always been a “us only” company, so maybe what they have put in writing is not the real story…



Google is working on their own system for Android called ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids). Last I read they are working with ReSound to develop it but with an open protocol specification.



The Signia/Rexton/Kirkland ks8 TV transmitter transmits directly to the hearing aids, has a range of 30-40ft, and works well.

The streamer has to be on your person but it works very well also. You can stream from other Bluetooth devices to the streamer (from tablet, laptop, generic Bluetooth transmitter) and the range depends on the type of transmitter (class 1 or class 2).

Mfi will never be licensed (my opinion) and will be obsolete when new hearing aid models have Bluetooth classic like the Phonak Marvel.