Bluetooth on Forza aids question

I just recently bought two BTE Forza’s from Costco. I like them very much but I will need some adjusting and tweaking which is to be expected.

With regards to Bluetooth capability that I have added, if I purchase a Bluetooth adapter at Best Buy to plug into my laptop’s USB port will the ReSound Phone Clip pick up the signal and send it on to my HA’s?

Seems like an obvious question but I just don’t want to go to the trouble of buying an adapter and not have it work.

Thanks in advance.

It should, yes.

I just tried it with my iMac and its built in bluetooth, and it wouldn’t stay connected to the Phone Clip. It is a 5 plus year old iMac, so that may be the issue with it.

At work I have a laptop dock, and have a TV Streamer connected to the audio out from that. It works great.

Hmmmm…not sure why. In theory, anything with a bluetooth signal should connect. Perhaps it’s a setting issue with the Mac???

Now, I deal with the ReSound product and it’s possible that the Costco Forza product is limited to only working with one device where the ReSound one might have the capability to connect to more devices…not sure about that.

I have a Dish Network Hopper receiver and it streams using bluetooth and the Resounds work great with that. If the bluetooth device has A2DP it should work as a streamer to the Phone Clip.

I’m just wondering if the Forza will support the same functionality as the ReSound phone clip since the Forza is a model with slightly less features than the comparable ReSound HA. Yes, the ReSound HA will support multiple devices (it seems) but that doesn’t guarantee that the Forza will do the same since they are not the exact same hearing aid.

Doesn’t the Forza just support the Phone Clip and the Phone Clip connects to the various devices?

Dunno…since the Forza is a Private Label ReSound only available through Costco it’s entirely possible that their accessories are likewise private label and set up to work with the Forza’s differently.

It’s also possible, and what I’m trying to say, that the Phone Clip for the Forza is specifically limited to only working with a phone or one bluetooth device whereas the ReSound device (not PL through Costco) can support multiple bluetooth devices.

This could explain why the OP is having trouble connecting to other devices with the Forza HA/phone clip combo where non-costco ReSound HA/phone clip combo’s don’t seem to be struggling.

My Phone Clip, from Costco, works with everything I have tried. It pairs with several devices (7 maybe?) but connects to only one device at a time, and works as a receiver of streamed Bluetooth (A2DP), which means the streamer (the source of the signal) must use the A2DP standard, which is standard Bluetooth streaming, but not every device with Bluetooth can stream.

The “Forza” is the Alera family and some models have a telecoil. Mine is the “Future”, the Alera RIC model with wireless (the second smallest Alera model). When I got mine the “Future” models were the RIC and the CIC with remote mic. Now the Forza lineup has all the styles.

The Resound TV streamer works in a different way. It streams the 2.4 GHz signal directly to the hearing aids and does not go through the Phone Clip.

So you have two options, bluetooth streaming to the Phone Clip or TV transmitter streaming directly to the hearing aids. Between the two, the direct streaming from the TV transmitter would probably work better (stronger signal, fewer drop outs). Sometimes, when streaming from the TV, using Bluetooth, if I cover the Phone Clip the sound will get scratchy. But, Bluetooth should work fine most of the time.

I apologize, I mis-read the post you made before my reply. I went back and re-read it after your last post. I do fully understand how all the various ReSound accessories work…not sure why I read it wrong the first time (it was a busy day and I was probably in a hurry) but I guess I did. That was a great summary of them though…I’m sure it will clear things up for people who have similar accessories and don’t have a clear understanding about all the options they have. The OP who wants to know if the phone clip will work with his computer should he get an adapter for it, which was answered pretty much immediately…from there it went seriously off-track…lol.

It is good to know that the Costco label ReSound products work the same way as the non-Costco ones…since they are not the exact same hearing aid, I wasn’t sure if they would. Great that they do though.

The ReSound accessories are pretty awesome and I have a number of patients that really enjoy having them.