Bluetooth Laptop to Bluetooth Smartphone to KS9?


Very much enjoy using my KS9 direct bluetooth connected to my iPhone XR. Nice clear sound.

I have a video conference next week using my personal laptop that has Bluetooth. My personal laptop can connect to my iPhone XR.

Is there a way for my KS9 to connect to my iPhone that’s connected to my laptop?
KS9 <-> iPhone <-> Laptop

Otherwise I have to forget the iPhone-KS9 bluetooth connection and then reconnect the KS9 to my Laptop. For those who do this, it can be a PIA. So I was hoping to keep the current KS9-iPhone pairing.


Might try un-pairing the aids from the laptop.

You shouldn’t need unpairing, just turning bt on phone on when you want it to connect to bt on the laptop. Assuming HAs are paired to both devices and bt on laptop is turned on.

It takes a several seconds, but definitely not a tragedy, and you shouldn’t need any turning off the HAs themselves or other devices.

In theory. Test and see how your setup works in practice.

Unless KS9 didn’t get that old update which removed the need for unpairing on marvels. I hope they did though.

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