Bluetooth Hub for phones

Hope this is the right place to post this to get the word out.

Anyone with a Epoq Streamer (or other Bluetooth device) that needs to talk on an office phone can use the Jabra Bluetooth Hub A7010 to connect the office phone to the Streamer. This costs around $70 and works quite well. I would imagine that most companies will pay for this if used for business.

can you please explain the set up, do u need a special phone, how many sound sources, etc.


Now why can’t they make something like this that plugs into a cordless phone jack (Where the wired headphone accessories plug into, 2.5mm?). Then you could take it with you or set the phone next to you.

That would be handier and would work in most households. Or is there already such a product?

I’m thinking it would be nice to connect the smartlink or artone to a cordless phone to get the binaural sound. How hard can this be?

You just follow the instruction to connect to your phone and then pair it to the Streamer. Pretty easy. When you want to make a call press the button on the hub and the Streamer will connect to it. Then just make your call and it’s piped dirrectly to your hearing aids. I can even mute the mics on my hearing aids so there is not enviromental sounds, and jack up the volume with out feedback via the Streamer.

I also have my PC connected to my Streamer and get all PC sounds direct to my hearing aids.

This is extremely powerful because I have all my voice mail from home, office and cell sent to Simulscribe. They email me a transcription of the voice file and attach a Wave file also so I can listen to it. An example of the transcription: “Hi. This is Laura from Monica’s Flowers. I’m returning your call. We’re open from 9:00 until …” Pretty amazing!

If you want to try the Simulscribe service with a free trial please use this link so I get a referral credit:



I've been fighting with trying to get an employee at my organization hooked up to our 3COM VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system who has a pair of BTE aids. After trying literally every headset out there that I could find that might have been t-coil compatible (I've learned so much for not having a hearing inconvenience myself), I've finally come nose-to-nose with the Starkey DirX ELI unit. All other units created an unbearable echo or feedback.

It seems like a neat little piece of harware, but unfortunately the 'base' that I acquired to try and pair it to is failing adequate communication. (we'll chalk it up simply to incompatibility - VXI B200 BlueParrot base) I called Jabra (GN NetCom) about the A7010 Hub and they told me without arguing that their base WAS NOT compatible with any other Bluetooth device other than Jabra Headsets.

If what you say is true and it works with these/this other unit, then there might be hope for me (her).

Regardless, if the above is of no real help, does anyone out there have any other examples of high-quality BTE-aid coimpatible ‘digital friendly’ options?

Thanks greatly!


Here is the setup I use at work. It works great for me. I have a Plantronic bluetooth base attached to my Siemans work phone, I imagine it will work the same with Voip phone. I discarded the bluetooth headset piece and paired the base with my Artone Neckloop.

Once the Neckloop and base are paired all I have to do is put my aids in the t-coil program, tap the button on top of the base and use the phone as normal. If I am doing a lot calls I just keep the aids in t-coil program and leave the base in on mode. The base and phone work the same as if you were using the bluetooth headset that comes with it.

“PLANTRONICS Voyager 510S Bluetooth Headset w/ adaptor base for office phone”. Here is a URL to see what it looks like:

Here is the URL for what I think is the best place to buy the Artone Neckloop :


Did anyone get the a7010 to work with both their desk phone and bluetooth mobile phone? The jabra site says you can do that. I’m interested in this for connecting to my iCom.