Bluetooth headset options

Most bluetooth headsets for cellphones fit in the ear. Are there any options that fit over the ear for use with hearing aids? I have ITC aids (Oticon EVIC) and Ive tried the Streamer offered by them. I wasn’t happy with the range so I returned it (this was about 2 years ago).

Are their any other options that work with my hearing aids? If not, what options are their for using a separate earpiece that fits over the ear and pairs with my cellphone?

Do your hearing aids have T-coil capability? That will open your selection to a lot of BT capable devices.

How can I verify if it does?

For over the ear bluetooth headsets, I highly recommend the Motorola s305. You get the sound in both ears. You should be able to pair these with no problem as it uses standard BT technology.

I used a Motorola H790 when I had a CIC hearing aid. It doesn’t really go in the ear, just up against the canal opening. I tried it with the RIC and although it still fits fine, it was not loud enough for me to hear since it is not going through the hearing aid, plus there is now another device in the canal keeping some sound from getting through.

Sorry, I should have specified that I am looking for a headset for use with my cellphone. Motorola s305 doesnt look like it has a mic. The Motorola H790 looks like it will interfere with my hearing aid. I have ITC not CIC.

Check again. The Motorola s305 does have a mic. You can pair it with your phone and make/receive calls. I would still use mine if it wasn’t that I now stream directly to my HAs via my iCom. Sound isn’t as good as the Mtorola but at least I don’t have to wear anything on my head.

The only other one I know of that fits less in the ear is the Motorola 500/550 family but they are pretty old and you may not be satisfied with the quality.

NayTatas is correct, the s305 has a microphone beneath the speaker.

Trust me. I did the reasearch and this was the best headset out there for the price.

I’m late but maybe someone else can use the info:

I’ve had great luck with the Motorola H700. I had another model before that (650?) that also had the little swing out arm and that one worked very well also. Sometime they’re a pain to get on with my BTE HA (accidental button pushing is an issue) but once on they work great. I have had others complain about wind noise if I was walking outdoors (not on a windy day, either) but otherwise I can hear the users very well (too well at times) and once situated they stay in place.

Anyone have a new recommendations on a bluetooth headset? I’ve used the H700 before, but need something that is more current.

I’ve tried the Motorola H17, H720, H500, a Samsung model, and a Jawbone, but my favorite is the Motorola H790. It has a nice look, doesn’t fit too far in the ear canal, and has better sound than the others I tried. You can connect to two phones at one time also although I’ve never tried that.

I can’t use it now with a RIC style hearing aid but it worked with a CIC style.

I think if you really would like to opt for a Bluetooth headset paired with your hearing aids then the best option is to look for the alternatives available online. There are few Bluetooth headphones which may assist you to have a wireless and uninterrupted music on the go.

Try the Sony DR-BT50. It is over the ear. Fairly large and has a built in mic.