Bluetooth HA with stereo and/or T-coil

I am upgrading my HAs and want a model with bluetooth streaming. Are there models that stream stereo bluetooth? Also, are there bluetooth streamers that include a T-coil pickup? The combination of stereo music direct to my ears with the possibility of hearing loop pickup would be awesome!

Siemens/Rexton has a bluetooth streamer for their aids which also has a tcoil for looped areas. For Siemens the streamer is called MiniTek. For Rexton it is the mini Blu RCU. Both the aids and streamers are built buy Siemens. If you have a Costco with a Hearing Aid Center in your area they have great prices on Rexton Aids which support bluetooth streaming.

I don’t know about the stereo Bluetooth, but Oticon has their Streamer and the HA have tcoils, Bernafon has the soundgate, Phonak has the Icom and tcoil.