Bluetooth extenders

After reading something about a WiFi extender today, I got to wondering if there were Bluetooth extenders. I’m finding that I typically get a sub 15’ range from most devices, just enough to be out of reach if I am moving around the house. Getting an actual 30’ would make my day!

A quick search provided at least one device

There may be others but I thought the concept was worthy of discussion. Does anybody have any experience with these kinds of products? Do they work with our computers,TV connectors, streamers, telephones and cell phones? Pro’s? Cons?

Latency would be the big question mark in my mind. That and just more electronics lying around. I’ve never had too many issues with range personally. My full-sized headset (Plantronics Backbeat Pro) can roam through the house without dropping the connection. The Connectclip 3.0 is pretty good from what I remember (if I ever find it again, I’ll test!).

If it’s a low energy connection to my phone, I don’t think it would be much of a hassle to me to walk around with my phone. Remember too that Bluetooth 5 will double the range in some scenarios.

Latency … a valid point. Thank you!

Which translates into waiting for another generation of technology to catch up.