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I understand about streaming from cell to streamer to bluetooth HA’s. I can’t wait to try it! But I keep hearing the term “bluetooth enabled cordless phone” for landlines. I will probably be using Oticon’s Agil and streamer and their site only lists compatibility for mobile (cellular) phones. The reviews on Amazon and such all talk about use of the bluetooth landline in conjunction with a cell. Can I just go bluetooth cordless landline phone to streamer to HA’s without inviting the cell to the party?
Any other suggestions about maximizing my understanding on the home landline will be much appreciated. It’s not bluetooth now but I would be happy to aquire one, or an adapter if that’s just as good.
Currently wearing Oticon Deltas with plus domes; and have been told that T-coils are less available these days…

I am curious about these as well, but not sure if they would work. I believe the handsets are Blue-tooth to the base station. If that is the case, they probably would not be Blue-tooth pairable to another headset, which is what any of the hearing aid devices are. But don’t quote me on that. I think a bit more digging is necessary, like finding a user manual for one of these phones.

Have you considered the Oticon ConnectLine? I believe it can be attached to your phone and then bluetooth to the streamer? I think they also have something to connect to the TV. I’m currently wearing Phonak’s and use the iCom and TVLink. I rarely use my landline at home, so I haven’t pursued getting something for it.

And here is the answer … this from the User Manual for the V-Tech DS6321-3 Blue-Tooth Cordless Phone which looks like it runs for roughly $80 to $100 for the 3-phone set. It looks like this may be a valid way of going Blue-Tooth at home, or in the office if you have a single-line phone. This phone has some pretty good reviews as well. You can Pair up to 4 devices … 3 or 4 cell phones and 1 headset, only two can be Connected at any one time. So … from the user manual:

Start Quote:
using a Bluetooth headset:You can use a Bluetooth headset on home calls. However, you will need to stay within 30 feet from the telephone base to maintain the Bluetooth signal.

To answer a home call using a Bluetooth headset:Press the call key on your headset.

To end a home call you answered from a Bluetooth headset:Press the call key on your headset.

If you make or answer a home call on a handset, you can transfer the call to your headset. The handset remains active, but the handset earpiece and microphone are muted. If you hang up the handset, the call will end.
:End Quote

I love techie toys … wonder if I can talk the wife into … Hmmmm

The Vtech blue tooth phone works very well when paired with the Oticon Streamer.

I have been using it for about a week with no problems

Thanks everyone! Bluetooth landline to aids is starting to sound probable.
NeilK you need to get this phone from Santa and let us know how it works. My spouse loves to shop for techie toys, but I’m the one who has to learn how to use them.

Debin: what model of phone is working for you is it the V-Tech DS6321-3 Blue-Tooth Cordless Phone mentioned above?

I have a AT&T bluetooth land line portable phone that works fine with my CLA7BT neck loop.

Getting dizzy now with the prospect of a new techie toy … so many to choose from. I do like the features of the AT&T version over that of the V-Tech … and I am far from being an AT&T fanboy. We have had a Panasonic 2-phone 5.8GHz phone for the past few years which works great, though is not Blue-tooth. The problem will be in getting my wife away from those phones that she loves.

Neilk, Panasonic makes a cordless home phone with Bluetooth capability. I haven’t tried it but saw it at Best Buy.

Yes, I saw that … now to convince the wife to get the $400 dog, the $60 racing jackets for the Whippet pup, the $99 Playstation Move, and the about $100 telephone system … and all just a few weeks before having to do Christmas shopping. :rolleyes:

Thanks every one for this info… i have read all comments … yeah i think that bluetooth enabled cordless phone at home …

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