Bluetooth Driver For iCUBE II


I recently received an iCUBE II. The Bluetooth dongle doesn’t work. In Device Manager, the dongle shows as “WAP USB Wireless Communication”. No driver is installed and that’s why it doesn’t work. I have searched and searched and found no driver that works. I emailed PHONAK a week ago and received no reply. Apparently they don’t want to fool with us small timers.

Does anyone know where a driver can be found? Contrary to popular belief, Windows does NOT automatically find and install the proper driver.



How is it used? iCube II is truly Plug&Play with the pre-paired USB adapter. To get started, the adapter only needs to be plugged into a free USB port on the fitting PC. The connection will be established automatically when iCube II is selected as fitting device in Phonak Target 4.0 (or newer).

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I just use my iCube with a USB cord rather then messing around with Bluetooth, it works perfectly!

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Well, it won’t work with no driver installed… No 3 dots on the screen.



What I said is that if there is no driver installed for the Bluetooth dongle, there is NO BLUETOOTH! The User Guide says the connection will be established what the TARGET Software is started. At this time, I have only iPFG. The “Target Software” is as elusive as the Bluetooth dongle driver and I doubt it has any driver installation subroutines. I see a lot of, “…I have sent a PM to the last requester…”, posts. Apparently, those aren’t of much use, either.

As far as the magic 3 dots; when I click those, one of the icons is a trash can and that deletes the post.

What I will probably do is take all this marvelous, overpriced, German/Danish garbage and donate it to the local landfill and not be a bother anymore.



But you don’t need all the Bluetooth garbage if you use a USB lead.

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Here’s a link;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids .
Please re-read the OP/Original Post.
The second paragraph pertains to you;



True. I found that the "refurbished Naida aids I received are not the “B” submodel as I thought. They are the Naida IX UP> They are helpful, but not exact. They are also, not wireless programming capable, from what I’ve found thus far. PHGONAK brings out so many sub-models under their Naida, Aude’o, etc. lines that it get quite difficult to gather the correct equipment. I am currently doubting the capability og this iPFG 2.6 software, as well. I will put all the junk in a box and work at my other, more fun, hobbies and projects.

Thankls for the reply. Appreciate it.




Yes you can use the iCube I to self program the Naida IX UP. The iCube II won’t work.

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Thanks! Appreciated very much.



This is how I learn. Stumbling. LOL



Totally not true. The PHONAK dongle is in the landfill. I used an old Cambridge Silicon Radio BT dongle, which was supplied with a driver and everything paired correctly. Thanks for the response.



You should get Phonak to fix their totally-not-true documentation. btw> Did you read it?

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The PHONAK folks are either too stupid or simply don’t care what they put out. As I said before, they don’t want to deal with small potatoes.



Well this is what I wanted to emphasize when I pointed to the documentation,
when iCube II is selected as fitting device in Phonak Target 4.0 (or newer)”.

But the document also says “It can also be used with a USB cable or connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to any other PC or tablet”. Since that fits with your “dongle is in the landfill” scenario I don’t see where the document is inaccurate?

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