Bluetooth BTE hearing aids in cool colors, do they exist?

So, I have a wishlist for hearing aids that seems impossible. I can’t figure out which manufacturer makes what I want so maybe an audi can help:

  1. Must connect to my phone with no additional device so that I can stream phone calls and music.
  2. Must be BTE (I prefer custom earmolds. I don’t like domes)
  3. Must be some cool color like blue or red, purple etc. I know I can color them with stickers but I want ones which are actually colorful.

I can’t seems to find anything that meets all these requirements.

P.S. I have mild to severe sloping hearing loss with profound loss past 8k hz

Does this help?,-sp-,DOWNLOADS/US/LINX2/ColorChart_MK604151_RevC.ashx?la=en-US

They also have 3 different camo colors… forest, ocean, and desert.

Do a Google search for hearing aids decorations and kits. There’s a lot of different ways to add color and style to aids.

Apple or Android?

What about Resound Linx2? They’re not really exciting but at least they’ve got some other colours than pink-beige.

I know I can decorate my HA’s. I’m a member of the Pimp My HA’s group on Facebook but I want ones that are stock in a bright color.

I’m not really into the camo colors.

On that color and style chart for Resound lynx, it says RIE and BTE - does this mean I can get the Lynx in blue and BTE? I don’t like RIE’s unless I can get an earmold instead of a dome.

Oh! Oh! Better get Maaco!

The one thing I’m not happy about, getting the new Costco KS7s, is that the KS6 came in some excellent colours. Everybody said the KS7 would basically be the Signia Primax px7, and at least you can get those in fire-engine red. But the KS7 – boring! Basic black, it’s going to be.

There’s always nail polish, but I don’t want to mess with the warranty…

And yes the Linx2 colour schemes are for BTE and RIE:

The ones in the display case at my Costco were a very sharp/shiny silver.


Now if only Oticon Opn came in BTW and in funky colors! But the Linx will do. Thanks!

The Oticon OPN comes in a really neat navy blue.

Just do a google search of hearing aid colors by manufacturer and you will find what colors are available. I know someone who has orange BTE’s.