Bluetooth: Are these just my issues - or does everybody have these issues?

I use Phonak Compilot II, linked to my Galaxy Note 3, and other devices like TV link, laptops etc. I have the following issues:

i) I HATE the bluetooth button on the android phone. If somebody rings me, I have to downward swipe to get blueooth, press the button, and then search for the Compilot II device in the list to pair to it. In bad light, I’ve got NO chance of switching it on in the time that the caller is ringing, and I have to call them back. I don’t think I’ve even managed it in good light.

ii) (Related to above). Reason why I don’t have it permanently is on (Compilot and bluetooth on phone) is because when it is on it attenuates the mics and goes into some mode, until it disconnects (which it eventually does after a variable time). This is a pain in the **** because it means that I have to switch it off and I can’t be ready for a call if somebody calls me. Is this what happens with other hearing aids - Oticon/Resound etc ?

iii) The Phonak TV Link will PERMANENTLY try to establish a connection - regardless of whether I want it or not - so I have to switch off the TV link.


With the Oticon OPN direct streaming to the iPhone I can have the HAs connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth BLE 100% of the time and the HAs would operate in whatever normal program I have my HAs on, and only tries to connect via Bluetooth on my iPhone when there’s a phone call coming through or when I make a call or when I start playing music. When using a GPS navigation app, the same thing, connection only happens when the guidance voice needs to come on, and after the guidance voice is done, disconnection occurs within a second afterward. Connection does attenuates the mics so I know when connection starts to happen as soon as I notice that the mics become attenuated.

On the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 streamer, if I’m connected to it to watch a TV show (by selecting the TV program in my OPN), if there’s a phone call coming through, it temporarily disconnects the HAs from the TV streamer to connect to my iPhone for the phone call. When done, it automatically reconnects to TV streamer. A couple of minutes after there’s no sound from the TV Streamer (maybe due to a pause or the video ends), my OPNs switch back to the default listening mode.

my father has the compilot 2 tv link and refused to connect his smartphone with the compilot because that had always priority and would screw with the tv link, he ended up giving up making it work. so yeah the same experience here.

Thanks Guys. It looks like there are some teething issues here, that I hope Phonak have sorted out with the Audeo Belong range. Otherwise it’s a switch to the Oticon OPN for me.

Oh my… Try reading the instruction for both the phone and the Compilot. For starters have you AuD turn off auto-connect for the TVLink. The wife’s S4 and my old Samsung flip are both paired when either rings they connect I talk when either end hangs up they disconnect and go back to paired and the aids go back to wherever they were.

Just speculating. You’ve got a fairly old phone. Is it possible these issues are related to the phone, or the operating system? Have you updated to Android 5?Have you checked with your hearing aid provider to see if that is how it’s supposed to function?

I just checked thanks. I am on Android 5.0. I’m wondering if it’s due to the fact that sometimes I have a lot of apps in the background, particularly media ones, that stream a lot of content. That might explain why it remains connected. It could be just my fault. But the attenuation drives me mad.

Thanks Doc. I will check with my AuD about auto-connect. If I could turn that off it would be good.

Really ? Thanks Nevillie. I will speak to the audie about that as well.

I have none of those problems with my Copilot II and my iPhone and TV-link. I agree with others that it is a setting or adjustment issue.

Thanks seasondears. That’s good to know. I will make my way to the audie’s office.

If you are going to run apps in the background or have ones like news operating, turn off the notifications. It is the only way to prevent “random” access into your aids.

That’s absolutely right Ken. That’s a great point. It hadn’t occurred to me. I know that I do hear notifications, but I didn’t actually think to switch them off with a view of preventing the transmission so that the mics won’t attenuate or ping etc. Because that is one of the things that can be REALLY irritating - a 5 second ping that attenuates the mics just when you are talking to somebody or listening to something important.

You guys are all really on the ball regarding bluetooth !

Yep, turn off any kind of notifications from the phone. I think you will want to attenuate the mics once you get your phone straighten out. Same once you get your TVLink to connect manually.

Thanks Doc.