Bluetooth and wired in one device?

It sounds like the Artone is perfect for bluetooth connectivity to my Cingular Treo 650 but I’m also looking for something that will work with my office phone which does not have bluetooth. Ideally, I’d like to get rid of these ear hooks because I already wear glasses and two BTEs so I now have 3 things hanging off my ears (and I’m don’t exactly have Ross Perot’s ears).

Any ideas? Something that will switch to bluetooth when my cell rings and let me plug into my office phone when it rings. Of course, I guess I’m still tethered to the office phone since it doesn’t have bluetooth.

I assume that if the Artone worked with bluetooth for my cell, it would likely work with my Mac too should I attempt to use Skype? The ear hooks pick up some interference when using Skype.

I’d like to get away with only one gadget attached to me in addition to the BTEs and glasses.

My BTEs are Phonak microSavia Art and microPower IX. The Phonak website said they come with something called “easyFM” but other forums say I need to convert the incoming FM signal to T-coil and use induction loops because these two devices don’t have outlets for FM boots. So I’m wondering what the point of easyFM is if I can’t attach FM boots to the aids. Am I still stuck with hitting 2 buttons to answer a phone (switch on T-coil, then answer phone)? And if the office phone rings, I still have to plug something in, switch on T-coil and then answer the phone? This is all very time consuming and if I’m not at my desk, I most certainly am going to miss the call.

Too bad no one makes a clip on bluetooth device with antenna rather than the neckloop style and a bluetooth dongle for my office phone (cheapo Vtech thingie).

Initially, I looked at the SmartLink but it’s out of my price range although it would allow me to place it at the other end of a conference table during a meeting. That was a cool idea but if the forums are right and bluetooth is Smartlink’s weakness, there’s no point in getting it.

Also, any ideas on how to get rid of the interference when T-coils are turned on in the car? Radio Shack says it the car’s alternator. Currently, I can’t even do hands free in the car due to the interference.

Many thanks for any opinions y’all have.


panasonic has bluetooth land phones
maybe u better of with them

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Yes, if your office is only a 1 or 2 line system, then the Panasonic or other brand bluetooth cordless phones may be a great option.

If you are in a large office with multiple lines, then that will not work.

Then the Smartlink would be the best option, unless you can find a telephone bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

Let us know if you find one.

try eli dir bluetooth, but you must have a dai boot that connects your hearing aids to the bluetooth.I have it and find it wonderful.

unless the is a new better bluetooth that i haven’t heard of.thanks

the problem with eli is that it only works with bte instruments plus
the instrument increases with size considerable…