Bluetooth and flying

I will remember this line. It’s a new one on me. Thanks.

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It doesnt matter. Nothing here is to be taken seriously. We live in a world where invisible radio waves are everywhere… How many times have you seen signs saying do not use cellphones while in hospital but everyone does. Airlines should address radiation that people are subjected to when flying. None of it matters. It’s all nonsense. But like you said. I’ll move on too. I appreciate your imput. I can be a little hard headed

It is the modern, watered down version of a Plato quote from sometime around 400 BC: “wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

Well…apparently I’m not all edumacated up in my ancient literature.
I prefer your watered down version. What, so only wise men can say anything? How would one discern the difference? Too elitist. Your version is all encompassing.

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It does matter, because now I get notified every time you post a superfluous comment and it wastes my time.
Quit it!

You can block out the notifications. It’s pretty simple. But when you voice your opinion to a thread you should expect others to respond to what you said. That’s how a forum works


But you’re voicing your opinion on something that the OP didn’t ask for. He asked a question on which I answered. Your posts are going off topic.

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Blocking notifications is counter productive. It takes other dialogue relevant to the question away from me and off topic comments still take others down the rabbit hole.

This conversation should have ended 24 posts ago.

Well zebra your comments contribute to the thread going off track. But I apologize to the op. I was not trying to hijack the thread. And I won’t even comment to whathuh if that was directed at me. I try not to judge others

I can attest that it does matter. I was in an ambulance on the way to the ER to have an arrhythmia evaluated and my ECG was interfered with at a critical moment by my own mobile phone.

Furthermore, there is at this very moment a controversy in the US over an auction for 5G spectrum adjacent to the frequencies used by radar altimeters (mounted on the bottom of aircraft):

There is legitimate concern that if too many 5G cellphone towers using this newly auctioned spectrum are located near the final approach path of certain airports, planes will have difficulty correctly identifying their exact altitude just before landing, which is increasingly crucial when they are relying more and more on automation (for which the radar altimeter is essential - if it reports a bad reading, the landing must be aborted and the plane will have to “go around”).

It is true that all of these devices should play nicely with one another. But in practice, devices on planes were designed in the past and take longer to update (due to aviation regulatory issues). When consumer electronics encroach on their spectrum, real problems can ensue. Assuming that all will be well if we ignore expert advice is not a great idea.

Right, the instructions about taking out your headphones are about evacuation, which naturally becomes a moot point at altitude.

Well since there’s a billion of them out there already then I guess it’s a loss cause

hass5744, if you insist on taking my topic into the wild blue yonder and constantly having the last word, why not resurrect and join the following exchange?

You complained about being overwhelmed about notifications. I tried to give you a friendly piece of advice in case you didn’t know you could block them. Once you post a comment you no longer control the thread. A forum doesn’t work if everyone agrees with what you say. We don’t learn anything from that. We all have a right to voice our opinions. Just that some of us can’t do that without being rude apparently or trying to bully others. But I’ll move on. Didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way. It was just a discussion

Let’s keep it real, shall we?
My being able to block out threads is irrelevant and diversionary.

My point was, anyone searching for information on the topic of Bluetooth and ear plugs, might find this thread and would have discovered the answer from Zebras at post #4.

Perhaps thinking there might be further helpful information they are then led through 30 more replies containing off topic, uninformative prattle, including seat cushions of all things. A time waster.

As pointed out, there is a thread about airline safety and Bluetooth devices.

You indicated at reply 2, you did not properly read my question or were unable to understand its simplicity and again, reply 4 was directly to the point.

Also; “some of us can’t do that without being rude apparently or trying to bully others.” Yet you stated at reply 29 “I try not to judge others.”

But you’ve moved on (twice) so I’m wasting my words.