Bluetooth and CICs?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I found this site when I was looking up some info on bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

I’m just wondering what are the top of the line aids right now that are also the smallest. I have CICs now and I really don’t want to wear behind the ear aids. However, its so difficult to talk on the cell phone or listen to music. I have to either take the aids out and miss half of whats being said or deal with the ringing.

I’m an attorney and I have eight yr old aids. One of them is not working well and it is seriously impacting my ability to do my job. I shy away from social events cause I end up standing in a circle not being able to hear a thing. I have Ushers Syndrome so I also have a difficult time seeing in the dark. That means I can’t even see in a dimly lit room to read lips. Also, I have been only wearing one aid since July because the other is broken. I’m absolutely exhausted. I can’t concentrate a work and I don’t even want to go out sometimes cause I’m just too tired. I’m 28 years old and I feel like I’m turning into a hermit :slight_smile: Anyway, I ready to purchase new aids and I want to know what’s the best out there.

Thanks so much for your imput.


P.S. I’ve read through some of the posts and I’m not sure what alot of the abbreviations mean for some of the aids.

Yes, it appears new hearing aids would be a great investment for you.

I would suggest either the Phonak Savia Art, ITC (In the Canal), which are larger than your current, but not BTE with the Phonak Smartlink and Easy Link.

They work very well and also allow you to hear and understand very well.

Hope this helps you out.