Blue halo circle around avatar


I’m not clear on what the blue halo circle around the avatar means. I figure it’s the thread creator but that doesn’t seem consistent.
Any clarifications?


Which avatar? Is it abram_bailey_aud? That’s just his light blue background.
Maybe you are talking about something else?


The red arrows show some that don’t have a halo and the green shows some that do have halos.


If I look at the threads by latest, and go down the list, I notice this: the thread creator has the halo if the creator was the last to post in the thread. If the thread creator does not have the halo, then the user who has last posted in the thread is the avatar listed last in the “Users” column. I suspect the thread creator is always listed first, so the halo is there only to indicate that the creator is also the user who posted last because there’s no other way to indicate it.


Thank you lemur. I was indeed also wondering if there was a pattern to the order and then I couldn’t connect the dots as to the halo.