Blocked ear - occlusion?

I have my earwax removed last night but still the occlusion did not go away. I am using Rexton.

The above scenario is on my right ear. Left is ok.

Any recommendation on what to do from here?


Is this with or without HAs in?

With Hearing Aid…left ear only

Have you looked very carefully at the dome and wax filter?
I use Widex large tulip domes. Sometimes when I have occlusion I remove the HA and rotate the dome a quarter turn. Seems to alter the fit very slightly which clears the occlusion.

Thanks for your comments. I actually not using dome as mine is custom fit.

I have increases the vent size hoping to solve the problem.

Mine is in-canal custom-fit

Thank you again

Have you ran fishing line through the hearing aid vents? Verified they are not plugged.

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Or if you can find pipe cleaners at smoke shop. I have pipe cleaners to remove moisture in earmold tubing. It can be used to clean vent.

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I use Oral B Floss for braces. Works great on the vent holes.


So sorry… my hearing aid (vent) is not physically blocked. It just feel “blocked”…i am asking what can be done and what caused it?

Any thoughts please?

If this issue has always been an issue, it hearing aid tuning problem.
If it’s new, it’s an ear blockage problem or your ear has changed.

What does your ENT say?