BioAid is now a product called Aud1

I received an e-mail from the researcher who was working on the BioAid discussed earlier in these forums (I’d tried it last summer and sent him feedback) and he’s now released a ~$4 version for iOS devices called Aud1:

I’m not going to be spending money to try it, but thought it would be worth noting here.


I just found this thread as is came up as a referral to my website. Thanks for mentioning the new project, Beth!

I’d just like to clear up any confusion that I amy have caused by my haphazardly typed original email! Aud1 is not the new name for BioAid. BioAid is the name of a biologically inspired open-source gain model ( The original BioAid app was a particular implementation of this algorithm (confusingly also named BioAid, but referred to in-house as “the BioAid app”). Aud1 is a much more flexible framework that has been developed independently by one of the original BioAid team (me), and currently runs an optimized version of the BioAid algorithm. However, there are plans to allow the user to switch between various algorithm designs in the future, potentially making Aud1 a useful research tool for field comparisons. Switching algorithms is not like changing the processing strategy on a hearing aid, but rather more like switching out an entire part of the hearing instrument.

Aud1 is a platform for the BioAid algorithm, and potentially other algorithms in the future, allowing it to behave more like the lab scale version that we used (providing features like linked stereo processing if the user has appropriate input hardware). Aud1 is no more a hearing aid than the original BioAid app can be considered a hearing aid, because they are just a software component restrained by the limitations of the devices on which they run. I prefer the deliberately vague term “assistive hearing technology”. Limitations aside, the the BioAid app really seemed to help a select group of people, and this motivated me to push the technology further, adding many features requested by BioAid-app users. Check it out if you like. N