Binaural and E2E

I am in the process of deciding upon my first set of hearing aids. The array of devices in the marketplace seems almost overwhelming. I am fortunate in that my company is paying for the hearing aids via HearPO. My first preference would be the Oticon Epoq ( I really like the idea of the integrated bluetooth). However, they are not covered by HearPO. The next best option seem to be with a Siemens such as the Centra Active. Both devices are E2E and binaural.

Here are two links that explain binaural and E2E technologies:

In May of last year, Admin stated on another thread that “while the binaural wireless coordination between the DSP chips in each hearing aid certainly is a technological feat, I haven’t heard how well the technology actually improves the hearing experience of the person wearing them. Siemens introduced its wireless binaural technology more than a year ago, but it hardly created a ripple of excitement in the hearing loss community. I would like to be proven wrong, but I’m wondering if this technology isn’t something that looks great to engineers because it’s so sophisticated but that doesn’t deliver as much real-world benefit as originally intended. Maybe with two vendors providing similar applications there will be more general usage and we will see more positive feedback in the coming year.

As there was no follow-up to this thread, I’m wondering what the verdict is over a half a year later.

i HAVE seen very good concrete results of Binaraul coordination

maybe its worth waiting, to get the new Phonak Exelia is the

Oticon is not cover…

the phonak looks real nice, we still need to see the details…

but i expect a lot being a phonak product… the company is under pressure to

catch up with other players (siemens and oticon)

Hi Paddie

I recall reading somewhere that the e2e feature can actually provide another 2-3 db of signal to noise improvement, but am really interested in hearing from anyone actually using a hearing aid with the feature. What say everyone?


the E to E have coordination, but siemens algorithm still needs improvement…

I would wait to see the details on the Exelia and make a comparison between

epoq, Exelia and Centra

Wow! This certainly does look cool.
Check out the pictures in the pdf:élia_EUHA%2007_GB.pdf
Here is more info:

I have the Siemens Music in the ear aids. I hate them and am considering getting new BTE aids with open fit. I see a lot of chatter about different brands and little about Siemens. My audiologist seems to be wedded to Siemens and insists that they are the “BEST”. My brother has Oticons and is very happy with them. My audiologist really bad-mouths the brand. I’m starting to think that I need a new audiologist…

I’m a geek as well and having blue tooth enabled aids is a very attractive concept. I love tech stuff.

One thing I do not want to do without is some form of volume control. I find different environments need different help. My wife is really after me to get new aids. Any and all help would be appreciated.


Dear Lee:
I would not say Siemens is the best company out there, the best instrument depends on a combination of things, for example- if you ask which are the natural choices when it comes to Fm, there are two obvious choices phonak and Oticon- phonak being alot better…

When we talk about an aid with remote control, I dont think there is a company like phonak which has gone to extensive lenght to create good products…

Siemens has good products, their wirless e-to-e still needs works, for example they lack blue tooth, for which Oticon is the best solution out there (were waiting to see how would the exelia stacks)…

Other companies for example, GN they where the first company which came up with the open fit products with the resound air…

as a profesional, making negative remarks about a competitor should be a NO NO