Bilateral hearing loss - Questions regarding waiting for 2 mos. for testing appts.

[Newbie here] I knew I had some hearing loss and my ears can plug when I am in certain physical positions, but I waited until the pandemic numbers in our area had come down some to see a doctor. None of this was sudden. I recently visited my GP who suggested a hearing test and a visit to an ENT doctor (for the ear plugging issue). The appointment is 2 mos away and I was thinking that perhaps it might be worth my time to get a pair of Bose over the count hearing aides or check out Costco in meantime. However …

I have three concerns:

  1. I’m concerned that if I go ahead and get hearing aides I might short circuit the process with the ENT / Hearing Test appointments. I did the Hearing Test on Bose and that report said severe hearing loss, which surprised me as I haven’t had great deal of issue communicating with people, but I do have to ask people to repeat themselves now and again and the TV can be an issue.
  1. I’m also concerned about waiting, but maybe I needn’t be.

  2. The last concern is that due to ear plugging - which I might have come on from stress and/or placement of jaw … I will put on ear muffs, the type that people wear for lawn mowing. The ear muff hits my jaw in just the right way so that I don’t have the ear plug / unplug feeling as readily. I’m hoping that wearing an ear muff on a pretty regular basis doesn’t hurt hearing. Interestingly, my hearing has appeared to improve since wearing the ear muffs.

What are your thoughts?