Bilateral Acquired RSHL Hearing Aids Help!


Hello! About four years ago I began having bouts of spinning vertigo and lost some hearing in both ears. We still don’t know why, but recently hearing speech in loud situations has become next to impossible and I would love help. I have Moderate rising to normal rshl in my R ear and Mild rising to normal in my left. They were originally exactly the same, but the R has become worse. The audiologist I saw did a speech in noise test and said I had a “significant” difficulty, and would need background noise reduced by 50% compared to a normal person to hear conversation.
I don’t think he is familiar with my sort of hearing loss. He told me that normal hearing aids wouldn’t help, and that the ones that had noise canceling would be about $6500 each - and that he didn’t think my insurance would see them as medically necessary.
I’m having a horrible time in any situation with background noise now, and really need help - but can’t seem to find anyone in my area that is familiar. I’m near Annapolis, MD. Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks :slight_smile:



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Have you heard the phrase rolled under the bus?
If there is a Costco in your area? I would recommend getting your ears tested there and see what aids would be best for you.



I agree with Raudrive. Get to a Costco if you can. Without seeing your audiogram it is hard to predict what you need, but are you saying moderate/mild loss at lower frequencies and rising to no loss at higher frequencies? You will get more specific recommendations if you can post your audiogram.

However, it is quite possible that the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 hearing aid which is very similar to the full featured top of the line Signia 7Nx and Rexton 80 8C, would work for you. They are $1600 a PAIR! With loss in the lower frequencies it may be necessary to use custom molds which are about $100 extra, but everything including follow up visits is included in the price.

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I cannot for the life of me get my audiogram to post. It is moderate sensoneural low frequency loss rising to normal is my right ear, mild SNLFHL rising to normal in my right, I have a 4 to 5 DB SNR loss. Getting Bose Hearphones today, but am still waiting on insurance approval for aids…



“You need noise cancelling hearing aids for 13k?” Sorry, but that is scammer talk.

Every modern digital hearing aid by the big manufacturers has " noise cancellation" or noise management as it is more commonly referred to. They don’t eliminate noise completely, but through rapid sampling can detect noise that is going to impede speech and alter the signal so the noise is not as prominent.

Go find someone who isn’t trying to rip you off.



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Posting audiogram data here is convoluted. I believe you have to go to the Home site, not this forum site, sign in again, and then the option to post should be there.

Have you checked out Costco? If you are near Chesapeake I see a couple of them in that area. $13,000 for a pair hearing aids is a scam.

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It’s really not that bad. We updated the process recently, and you literally just fill in a form. If you are signed in here, you are already signed in there. Sign ins are synced across the platform.



I think it may be my internet browser??? I don’t know. Followed all the steps and there is no “button” to add my audiogram. I wonder if I have a weird pop-up blocker on or something…



OMG - I finally figured it out! Added.



You got it. Congratulations
I’ll swap ears with ya.

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I actually screwed the numbers up - just updated it. But you can have my ears if you’ll take my vertigo and I can have your eyes??? :wink:

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