Big Disappointment with ComPilot and AudeoIXs - Help appreciated


Based on my understanding from you that my Audeo IXs 1st generation Core Tech would work with the ComPilot (except for remote control), I ordered the whole package but so far can’t even get the ComPilot to work and need some encouragement and advice.

I got the complete package in the mail today, and I charged the ComPilot for three hours as directed in the manual. It turns on, but the green light will not stay on except when it is on the charger. When I take it off the charger, the green power light keeps blinking. I tried to see if it would work, plugged in the loop plugs securely, hung it around my neck, have fresh batteries in my Audeo IXs and here’s what happens:

  1. My cell phone bluetooth says it successfully saw and paired with ComPilot, but I cannot hear anything through my hearing aids and no one can hear me;

  2. The microphone for my girlfriend and the ComPilot both turn solid blue saying they are paired but I hear nothing through my hearing aids;

  3. I connected the ComPilot with a double-male stereo cable to music playing on my computer and I hear nothing;

  4. I followed the re-set instructions in the manual and got the violet light but no announcement of streaming or anything else came through my hearing aids;

  5. I used my KeyPilot to turn the volume all the way up on my Audeos and also switched through all the programs including t-coil with no results;

Very puzzled and disappointed as I understood it would work with my first generation Audeo IXs (except for remote control).

I put the ComPilot back on the charger and it turned solid green immediately but if I take it off and turn it on, the green light only flashes.

Does all this mean:
a) It really has to be charged for more time - if so, how long?; or
b) My new ComPilot is defective?; or
c) Compilots really don’t work with 1st gen. Core Tech HAs like my Audeo IXs?

Hoping you see this message and can give me some more advice,

Regards, Nate

PS Would also be grateful for advice from any other fellow forum members!

Nate, it sounds like you have the very first Audéo IX, circa 2007. It contains a T-coil and supports the KeyPilot. This particular instrument won’t work with the ComPilot because it’s not based on the CORE chipset; it uses an older platform called Palio. There’s no support for streaming with this model.

If its a core product it will work - the Compilot needs to be connected to target (the fitting software) and it has to be told to allow streaming to any wireless device - if not it is expecting to be grouped with a Spice or Quest instrument and it wont work.

Moral of the story is unless you know what you are doing - don’t buy things online - you may get a better price but at the moment you have wasted your money cos it doesn’t work and you will not be able to get it to work by yourself. You need a professional even for such a small thing… and this is just a streamer imagine the problems people can have with hearing aids !

The green light always flashes when off the charger - did the compilot not come with a manual… if so suggest you read it again :slight_smile:

Dear Mike1963,

I am confident that your stern scolding is well-intentioned, but perhaps undeserved.

Perhaps you did not read all my earlier posts on this topic. You have made a number of assumptions which are incorrect. You see:

  1. My audiologist, who sold/dispensed me my Audeos in 2008 and still services them, was the one who recently suggested the Compilot to me and he got Phonak on the line when I was last in his office and he was told they would work with my Audeos - they are presumably aware of what hearing aids I own because they have been serviced and repaired by Phonak on numerous occasions over the years;

  2. The Phonak representative here on the forum also very kindly said the ComPilot would work when I described my hearing aids as Audeo IX without “Yes” or any other word after their name and he also explained here online what “works out of the box” and what part of setup I should use my audiologist for, and that the default setting out of the box is “generic”;

  3. My purchase of the entire ComPilot/TV Link S and microphones bundle through Amazon, with a 30 day unconditional return policy, was made with the full knowledge and approval and blessing of my audiologist, who said he could not come within $150 of their price, and with the understanding that I would to take the whole package into him and pay him an agreed sum to coordinate them with my hearing aids;

  4. You are right about the flashing green light and I did find this in the manuals which were enclosed and which I did read in full - I am an compulsive reader; I missed absorbing that point on my first read when I posted above and found it on the second read;

  5. I do not claim to be as smart as my audiologist and I would never try to repair or adjust my own hearing aids, but when it comes to pairing bluetooth devices and other electronic devices and sound equipment I am no novice - so when THE MANUAL told me the ComPilot and Microphone needed to first be charged for three hours I did it - not intending to sit in my audiologist office for three hours while he charged it, and when THE MANUAL said the streamer function “works out of the box” I took that to mean that I could do no harm and satisfy my anticipation and excitement and suspense by turning everything on and seeing whether I hear anything out of my hearing aids between now and the time of my appointment with my audiologist to fine-tune things.

Since I could hear absolutely nothing out of my HAs from the ComPilot last night, I am now worried that rasmus_braun, Moderator may be right, and that everyone else, in error, about the ComPilot package working with my HAs, but I am keeping my fingers crossed until my appointment with my friendly audiologist tomorrow.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

well I have told you how to get it working – so you are welcome. The stern scolding - as you put it was more in response to the way you phrased the title of your post…you blamed the equipment - wrongly. Next time just ask for help …

Isnt this software only for spice and quest hearing aids, not the old Audeo IX?

Dear Mike1963,

I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. It was not my intention to “blame the equipment” but merely to ask for followup advice and/or encouragement.

Here are two of the threads between Michael Phonak and myself and others which preceded that post, where I started out talking about problems with my T-coil and the discussion turned to ComPilot:

and which included this quote:

"09-25-2013,*12:11 PM
Michael Phonak 
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Hi Nate
Indeed, you may open the package and start streaming righ away.

The “only” settings your audiologist could do is a few configurations, such as the level ComPilot talks to you, the language it talks (but I guess english is ok anyway :slight_smile: or several Bluetooth features such as Voice Dial, etc.


Mike 1963, if you care to read those posts in chronological succession, I hope it helps clear up where I was coming from and where I was in my thinking when I currently posted.

In any event, I appreciate all help and advice, even scoldings if I appear to be doing something wrong. I will be seeing my audiologist who introduced me to the idea of using the ComPilot Bundles with my Audeo IXs today, and with whose knowledge and blessings I ordered them through Amazon, and I will report back whether or not they do in fact work with my Audeo IXs.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

Thanks for your comment, Zebras. It may unfortunately turn out that you are right, but it was my audiologist who originally sold and always services my Audeo IXs who called Phonak when I was last in his office and who was told, and then told me, that my Audeos were first generation “Core” and that therefore the ComPilot Bundle would work with my hearing aids except for the remote control. I naturally assumed that they were familiar with my particular hearing aids, especially since they have been back to the factory a few times over the years, and I also think he read them the numbers inside them over the phone to Phonak while I was sitting at his desk.

But I guess I will have to wait for my appointment with him this afternoon and hope for the best and be prepared for disappointment if necessary.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

Hope you get some answers this afternoon.

If your audiologist said it would work, could she/he would refund you the $ even if you bought it from somewhere else as she/he said it would work?

Good Luck!

Hi Nate,
I recently demo some Phonaks all with com pilot. Here is what this inexperienced guy thinks…When one of my nano’s stopped working they gave me the Nano BTE to demo I went home and my com pilot paired but nothing into HA’s I went back to AUD and they had to connect my HA’s to computer and turn on pair with Com Pilot…happened again when I tried the Nano in the ear model after the BTE also took all of 10 minutes to turn on .I really like the Com Pilot for TV was not a fan for phone ( to be fair I get Texts emails FB updates and calls all day long) that Bluetooth audio voice in my ear was annoying to me but I LOVED it for volume adjustments TV and music Good luck.

Thanks very much for your care and concern, Zebras. Naturally, I am still holding out hope that they will work. The money spent is not at risk, due to Amazon’s 30-day unconditional return and refund policy. But my hope is for a solution to my hearing problem with my soft-voiced significant other, as you may have read in my earlier threads mentioned above. I hear her beautiful voice great when I pull out my Audeos and plug in some $10 earbuds attached to my Pocketalker and a quality clip-mic but I would prefer that my hearing aids make that kludge and switching around in electronics unnecessary. I would think that I should get the same or better quality hearing from Phonak, but up to this point I never have. I am really tired of telling her to repeat herself and/or to talk louder, especially when raising her voice spoils the beauty of her natural voice.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

Thank you for giving me hope, NickD!

Regards, Nate :smiley:

Well, I just got back from my audiologist and he checked everything out, agreed that the pairing I did was all correctly done, was surprised to find nothing was going into my hearing aids and then called Phonak again and was informed that the Phonak person there he spoke to the last time I was in his office was mistaken; that my purchase in 2008 apparently just missed the cutoff from the Audeo IXs without wireless to the Audeo IXs with wireless and the ComPilot equipment will not work with my Audeos. Not at all happy with that, but what can I do. C’est la vie.

So I got on the computer with Amazon and my return and refund was approved and my return authorization and mailing label printed out through my printer. Destination post office for Priority Mail Return.

Back to the Pocketalker, Bluetooth transmitter dongle and LG bluetooth earbuds I guess. Or some other kludge yet to be thought of or suggested.

Best wishes to all, Nate :smiley:

Sad to hear that…I was VERY upset when I was led to believe that IIC Nanos by Phonak would NOT work with Com Pilot. That proably cost them a sale as I started to look around. I Loved the com pilot with the BTE Nanos but I really want a IIC solution.

Rasmus, you were right. The first person my audiologist spoke to at Phonak turned out to be in error, and was corrected by a second Phonak person he got on the phone today. So unfortunately the ComPilot bundle will be going back.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

Nate, have you considered trying new hearing aids? Costco has their Kirkland Signature 5.0 aids for $1899/pair which is an unbelievable value for the technology you’re getting. It’s made by ReSound and is very similar to their top-of-the-line Verso 9, which would cost you $6000 to $7000 at a private dispenser. You can try them out free for 90 days, and if you like them, pay over a 6-month period with no interest using the Costco AmEx card.

Thanks, rasmus. I really do appreciate the suggestion. As a matter of fact we were discussing it at the breakfast table this morning. One of the things holding me back is the fact that I will soon be approaching my 78th birthday, and the possibility that a new pair of hearing aids may well last longer than I do presents all kinds of puzzlements to be dealt with, like: Do people ever mention their hearing aids in their Last Will & Testament? If so, who would I leave them to? With 5 grown children, few of whom ever listen to my advice, do they all need hearing aids? Would there be a big court fight over them? I know, I should leave them to charity. Since I’ve always called my present hearing aids “my ears” would that be sort of like an organ donation?

Please forgive my macabre humor, but right now my disappointment over the ComPilot affair and perhaps “just missing” wireless by maybe a month, or maybe that I was sold “clearance inventory” at full price when I bought them five years ago,:mad: calls for a bit of humor!:smiley:

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

It seems there is quite some confusion about the compatibility of the ComPilot.
An overview is here:

ComPilot can stream to any wireless Phonak HI. For the CORE platform HIs however the remote control part is not available (but the streaming will work, just leave the ComPilot generic).

What Audéos do you have exactly (there are many sub-models!)?
There was the very first version of “Audeo” with no Suffix, and they were NOT wireless (means do not support ComPilot).
Next Generations were “Audéo Yes/Smart”, “Audéo S Yes” and “Audéo Q”, all above level I/30 being wireless.

Hope that helps

Yes, that’s the ones I described in an earlier thread as Audeo with nothing following that word. Unfortunately, when my audiologist called Phonak with my record card and my hearing aids in the palm of his hand, he was misinformed by the representative on the phone and told specifically that mine (with no suffix) were “first generation Core technology” and that therefore the ComPilot would work with them except for the remote function. After I got the ComPilot package and neither he nor I could get them to work, he called Phonak back, got a different representative and was told he was misinformed by the first Phonak representative he had spoken to.

I’m disappointed but not upset. Things happen in life.

My audiologist acted in good faith and it was not his fault. And it wasn’t your fault either because, when I more recently asked the question here on the forum, I passed on the misinformation I had gotten that described my Phonaks as “first generation Core” technology.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:

Hi Mike you sound like a threatened audiologist ?