Bi-cross extension michrophone?

I am currently trialling a Unison 3D HA with Wifi Mic attachment on my left (good) ear linked to a Unitron WiFi Mix Tx on the right (deaf) ear. It works to a certain extent in “normal” situations. However my biggest need is for help when ballroom dancing.

When dancing, the lady is always on the gentleman’s right side, and when she talks to me (especially if the music is loud, which it usually is!) I still cant hear a thing, because the microphone is hidden above / behind my right ear - too far away from her.

I have tried clipping the BTE WiFi mic to my lapel but it seems to be a very short range device, and the extra few inches distance from the receiver means that is doesn’t work at all.

What I think I need is a WiFi microphone which can talk to the Unison reviever, that I can clip or pin onto my lapel, right in front of the lady. Does anybody make such a thing? I am sure I have read about them somewhere.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome,

Graham Daniell