Better to have some noise than none?


To Audiologists, Cannot hear sounds in mid-ranges below 70db, in left ear only. An adjusted hearing aid (HA)gives me sounds/noise, though not comprehension (sensorineural loss )Is some sound/noise with HAs in the ear beneficial for my BRAIN, rather than no HA ? Or not enough benefit to justify paying$1600 for the HA? (BTW, no benefit felt from CROS aids)


How long have you worn hearing aids? By worn I mean all day every day with hearing aids set for your loss?


CROS worn all day for 4 weeks, as trial period prior to purchasing. One-sided HA worn all day for 3 weeks so far. Want to do what’s good for my brain now, to try to protect against potential dementia later in life!


I meant in the worse ear.


Hearing loss is correlated with dementia. No evidence at this point that it causes dementia.

Can you envision a situation where your hearing might change in such a way that you would want a cochlear implant in that ear?

Is that the cheapest hearing aid they’ve got?


Apologies for the confusion. Had hearing loss in left ear for last 5 years. Tried/trying top range hearing aids. If they work, worth the money , but don’t seem to for hearing comprehension. Appreciate point that no identified causal relationship with dementia ;however I personally believe better be on the side of caution. Finally, according to my ENT (in Japan)I am not qualified for a cochlear implant surgery, since have some remaining noise recognition over 70db in left ear. However, is a CI the popular and standard solution?