Better HAs than Phonak Nathos SP W and Naida S UP

Hi all, I’m new to the forum so apologize if I have posted in the wrong category. I have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears and currently wear a Phonak Nathos SP W in left ear and a Phonak Naida S UP in right ear - fitted in 2009/10. My main issues are hearing in environments where there is background noise or in group settings. Do you know if there are better Phonak hearing aids on the market than the ones that I use? If so, what are the main differences?

Thanks for any help/information you can provide.

Phonak introduced the Naída Q back in April 2013. If you get a pair of Q90, there’s a feature called auto StereoZoom which may help you hear better in noisy situations by creating a narrow beam of focus so you can concentrate on the speaker directly in front of you.

Thanks Rasmus, are the Naida Q the next step up from the Naida S or are there other Phonak ones? I heard about the audeo and the bolero but I am not sure if they are applicable to me or what the difference is? I’ve uploaded my audiogram if that helps.

Yes, the Naída Q replaced the Naída S. The Audéo is a type of hearing aid which places the speaker directly in your ear instead of using a tube to deliver the sound. The Bolero models are less-powerful versions of the Naída BTEs. Both are likely not powerful enough to fit the loss in your right ear.