Best Ultra Power ITE for severe/profound hearing loss

I will be researching various ITE HA brands that have ultimate power receivers(70dbl) for severe/profound hearing loss and wondering the pros and cons. My initial choices would be Resound Quattro, Phonak Virto Marvel, Oticon OPN. I currently have the Resound Linx 3D.
I have excluded Starkey because it does not have a direct streaming to Iphone for custom HA. I have excluded Signi NX because it does not have a ultimate power receiver. Any thoughts from those who have experience wiht UP ITE HA.


I have the exact same interest as you. I can’t contribute any information because my HAs for the past decade or so have been BTE and RIC. Please post the results of your research and your conclusion. TIA

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I currently wear the Resound Linx 3D and they are good HA. They have direct streaming to Iphone which I use constantly for phone calls and audio streaming. They are powerful HA. I have the programming software which helped with minor adjustments. I read that the new Resound Quattro has a faster chip and better sound quality…so worth a test. HA technology is changing rapidly. I use to wear Starkey ITE with ultimate power and like them but they do not have a direct streaming to Iphone capabilty in the ITE HA yet…but I am sure they will soon. One of the main issues with a powerful ITE HA is feedback(and sound quality in noise). So I am trying to get some sense of who has the best feedback managment program. A few years back it was Starkey…not sure if that is the case now. I will update when I start researching HA. Finally, I have a sloping high frequency lost so getting gain at the high frequencies is a challenge. I have tried a RIC/RIE hearing aid but did not like them due to the wire to the ear canal sticking out and did not sound same as ITE HA. Also I notice the RIC/RIE HA have gotten bigger not smaller due to the added technology(bluetooth, recharging, etc). I prefer to stick with the ITE as long I can before switching to a RIC/RIE

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Spot on. Also for me, the ITE must be MFI. Please keep me informed and I will do likewise as I check into this myself.

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If you have a severe/profound hearing loss you really should be looking at BTE hearing aids. For two reasons. One is power output and two, you’ll be buying an aid that will last you (roughly) 5 to 7 years and can be adjusted to deal with any future hearing decline you might experience. I suggest you search topic under [Best Ultra Power hearing aids for 2020] in forum to get the info on new hearing aids.

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good point too! (and I’ve been with BTEs since infanthood too!) not quite there but as of 2 yrs ago, almost!

The OP does not need UP hearing aids as some of you are thinking.
Look at his audiogram.
UP is also used in receiver power.

The original poster did not post his audiogram. Why are you referring to someone else?

Could you send me your audiogram, please?

He put it in a post in another thread Feedback Management in ITE UP

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Hi, Here is my audiogram. Will put it in My Hearing Test when I have a moment.

My audiogram reading is:
R and L
2000=85® 80(L)

I am seriously looking at Starkey Livio 2400 ITE. The fitting zone looks great for my hearing loss. They are MFI. Also, it looks like I can obtain their fitting software (Inspire x 2020) so I can do some minor tweaking myself. I welcome any heads-up or advice. TIA

Yes I have been looking at the Starkey Livio 2400 ITE and the Livo AI rechargable one as well. Starkey offers UP level in the ITE HA and supposely has one of the best feedback canceling system. I have the programming software and have done simulation with the Livio ITE and will fit my current hearing loss. In case you do not know, you will need the Inspire patient database software as well in order to save/retrieve a session. I am looking out at about six months before I look to get new HA’s. Hoping by then Starkey’s prices for the LIvio will drop(they are currently expensive, expecially the AI version).

Hi Tim,

I have a similar loss to yours and my last set of hearing aids that I was wearing regularly was the Phonak ITC Virto V70 with the UP chip. These aids are/were quite powerful, and as you may know they have been superseded by the Phonak Marvel ITC.

I now wear the KS9 from Costco, which is basically the white labelled Phonak Marvel, but it’s in a RIC form factor. Initially I was sceptical about the RIC, but I was proved wrong. I would say it’s an improvement over the Phonak Virto. I am unsure if they would be an improvement over the ITC marvel, as I still hold the belief that the ITC form factor gives certain advantages - perhaps in background noise (but only marginal).

The UP Marvel has 70db of gain and around 130db output so it’s pretty powerful.

I would also say that no matter what you get, the most important thing is REM testing. Make sure you have a good fit.

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Thanks… I am also looking at the Phonak line as well. I agree the REM is an important test and what I have read many hearing aid specialists and audiologists do not perform this test. They use a loudness balance test which is within the softwatre where you hear tones for loudness/comfort and adust gain up or down.
Not as effective as the REM test. So you need to ask your audiologist/HAS to do a REM test if they do not intend to do so.

Yes. Costco do mandatory REM testing, so I was lucky. If you self program on Phonak Target, there is an in-situ test you can do using Audiogram Direct. It’s not REM, but it’s still helpful. Good luck.

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What importance differences do you see between the Livio model and the Livo AI or the Edge other than things like personal services? Is there any real difference in the acutal hearing technologies?

Where will I find this software?

I plan to install Inspire in the near future and do the same type of simulation. It will be a challenge because I am novice.

I think the hearing technology’ are basically the same on both the Livio and Livia AI. With the AI you have other bells and whistles that I think would not impact your major hearing programs. I like the looks of the AI R(rechargeable) ITE it has no battery door so looks less noticeable. But it may be larger overall due to it being rechargeable. However if the price differences between the two is large than I would go for the Livio 2400. Also there is Livio AI 2000 and down for less premium versions.
Just google “Inspire patient database download” and you should get the link. You do not have to have this to do a simulation but you will not be able to save the data.
However, a caution, a friendly caution, I do not advise hearing aid users to program their hearing aids, even tweak’s unless familiar with the software. I have heard of some not so good stories of individuals
who ended up having to go back to their audiologist/HAS for guidance after having adjusted the HA programs. The HA phone apps that come with the new technology allows you to do some general adjustments to the programs(bass,mid, treble, noise reduction, etc). This app may be enough for the tweak’s needed.

I’m looking at the Starkey catalog. They have three ite models with battery charger and UP. Going down price wise: Livio Edge, Livio AI, Livio. The only real difference technology wise that I see is personal service stuff like falling down, making notes, etc.
Thank you for heads-up regarding unexpected consequences that may occur while try attempting to DIY. Regarding HAs, I am a novice, with regards to technology, I have an extensive background in computer HW & SW design. Also a lot of experience in airborne navigation and communication. That said, it has to be adjusted to allow for me now being long in the tooth. I am no longer able to name a tune in 2 notes and I seem to get tangled up in my underwear a lot more often than in the younger life. :cry:Oh if it were only spilled milk :wink:

Thanks for the info(and the laugh). Keep me posted on your quest to find the right HA and any new info and I will do the same.