Best technical solution for video-conferences


My job involves quite a lot of video-conferencing (meetings and teaching, mostly using Skype and Adobe Connect) - and I have applied for a new job, that would involved even more video-conferences (this might be a really stupid idea!). I sometimes use my streamer, sometimes headphones (and no hearing aids) and sometimes hearing aids in combination with the computers speakers. I cannot say I’m totally happy with any on these options, sound quality wise. What are other people’s experiences - has anyone found a good solution for video-conferences? I’m guessing that my best bet might be to buy better quality headphones (and use these without hearing aids) as the big vents in my molds leaks bass. Suggestions?



For video or just audio conf call for work through Skype I just use my Plantronics Voyager Focus headset in combination with my hearing aids. For best sound, I put my HAs inside the ear then put the headset on the ear (see pic below). Needless to say, if you have an over the ear headphone set then you don’t need to do this. I only do this because my Plantronics are “on the ear” and not “over the ear”. Also, needless to say, your HAs must have feedback control enabled with no feedback for this to work.

But that’s only because I don’t have a Bluetooth streamer that works with my laptop. Why aren’t you happy with your streamer solution?



I’ve used the following for video conferencing:

  1. iPhone / Android with headphone jack to streamer or MFi
  2. Senheisser Bluetooth BTD 500 USB adapter on laptop’s video conferencing software to streamer
  3. Large cup headphones over my ears and hearing aids
  4. Remote mic on iPhone via MFi

IMO the best quality sound appeared via #1’s mFI or #2

I’m also curious to see how enterprise video conferencing systems like Cisco can be hooked up.



First, get the EQ for the streaming channel set right - Almost always it comes with a bunch of sound processors that ruin the audio quality and over compresses- I have my Streaming channel dry - no processing at all and it sounds great. But, yeas, use the streamer. You can also get a small USB mixer that has tone controls, to hook up to your computer then hook the streamer to that.



We have cisco VC solution with speakers integrated in the construction of the room. I have Widex Beyond HAs but there is not a single port to connect to in the room.

It is a closed system, you cannot contact the VC from my cisco phone neither from my iphone. Only VC room contacts with other VC rooms.

Anyone having experience with cisco VC solutions.
Please share as this situation is getting worse everyday, not having a clue about what is being said.



This is why I wear custom ITE hearing aids. I have no problem using either on the ear or over the ear headphones. And as long as my aids feedback is adjusted correctly I have no feedback issues.